Eternals: Here's a COMPLETE guide to Earth's mightiest superheroes ahead of Marvel's upcoming release

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Eternals complete guide
A complete guide to the Eternals.

Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, and other promising actors in a movie together. What more do we need? As Eternals is slated to release on November 5, fans are revisiting the trailers and promotional clips from Marvel to know more about the characters. Some excited MCU geeks might already know that the Eternals (in simpler terms, 'immortals') are skilled warriors who are often mistaken to be Gods. Their skills lie in speed, strength and agility.

While we are not sure what the movie has in store for us, we can guarantee that Marvel's mighty heroes will definitely entertain us onscreen. For those of you who want a clearer picture of the cast and the characters, here's a list of Marvel's Eternals along with their superpowers. Take a look:



Thena's superhuman powers include speed and strength, as she is one of the strongest Eternals. In times of need, Thena can also shoot energy blasts from her trusty spear, and we can also trust Thena to control mind, use the power of telepathy and shapeshift if need be! As for MCU's movie, Angelina Jolie will play the mighty warrior. An Oscar-winning actress, Jolie has previously starred in movies including Maleficent, Mr and Mrs Smith, Wanted, Gia, among others.



Ikaris is one of the most celebrated superheroes when it comes to the Eternals. Ikaris is also known for his speed and strength, but for him, his main powers lie in his enhanced reflexes which shall be instrumental to the group while battling with the Deviants. Our beloved Robb Stark aka Richard Madden has taken up the task to play Ikaris in the Marvel movie.



In the comic books, Ajak has the powers of strength, speed, teleportation, and from the several trailers and teasers of the movie, it seems like Salma Hayek, who will play Ajak has been chosen as the leader of the group. Salma has worked in various movies previously including Frida, The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, Grown Ups, From Dusk Till Dawn, among others.



Although Kingo hasn't been around much in the comic books, Marvel seems to have added the character and made him an important part of the movies. The comic books do not reveal Kingo's superhuman powers to a great extent but one can believe that Kumail Nanjiani will do justice to the role. From the exclusive clips, courtesy, Marvel, it seems to be clear that Kingo will also add some Bollywood elements in the movie in the form of dance numbers!



Sersi's power to manipulate inanimate objects should come in handy for the Eternals during battles to protect humankind. Sersi would also deal with the romantic angles in the movie, and we can't wait to witness the Kit Harington-Gemma Chan romance as well as the Gemma Chan-Richard Madden romance!



Gilgamesh is without a doubt, the strongest Eternal. Played by Don Lee, we can also expect to witness a budding friendship between Thena and Gilgamesh. A fun fact about Gilgamesh, he was actually one of the Avengers, and it would be interesting to note if MCU's movie shows his past as one of the superheroes from the Avengers' side.



Phastos is the master technician of the group. In one of the interviews, Zhao had revealed that she wants the audience to know more about Phastos' past, as he is the first gay superhero of the MCU. We can definitely expect Brian Tyree Henry to do justice to the role.



Makkari's strength lies in her speed and is the fastest Eternals to ever exist! Played by Lauren Ridloff, the trailers promise us that we'd be able to witness Makkari in many action-packed sequences.



Druig is one of the most interesting characters because despite being an Eternal, he is a supervillain. Druig can manipulate the minds of other people and we are looking forward to Barry Keoghan play the part with perfection.



Sprite is of the same age as that of the other Eternals, that is, Sprite is thousands and thousands of years old, but her appearance is that of a 12 to 13-year-old girl. Lia McHugh will play the part in Marvel's Eternals.

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