EXCLUSIVE: Chris Pine on why he wasn't surprised to see Steve Trevor return in Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 1984

Chris Pine confessed how he wasn't all that surprised to know Steve Trevor was returning in Wonder Woman 1984 in spite of his beloved character's tragic fate in Wonder Woman.
EXCLUSIVE: Chris Pine on why he wasn't surprised to see Steve Trevor return in Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 1984
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Wonder Woman 1984 is days away from its theatrical release and if there's one thing that DCEU (DC Extended Universe) fans are curious about, it's how Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) managed to return for the sequel in spite of his tragic fate in Wonder Woman. While the fan theories are limitless, Pine himself isn't too surprised with Steve's return to the franchise.

"I wasn’t all that surprised. Towards the end of the first film, she had kind of relayed the fact that she’d come up with an interesting way into the second one and started working that out as well as how my character might return.  So I was aware of it, and when she fully laid it out, I was excited to jump back in," Chris confessed. On what excited him to reprise the role of Trevor, the 40-year-old actor revealed, " Well, what was so fun is that the character’s demeanour was completely different from in the first movie. In the first one, I played a world-weary war veteran, jaded, a little cynical about mankind... a man that had seen a lot in his lifetime."

"In the second iteration, Steve is wide-eyed and curious and excited—in many ways like Diana was in the first one—so I thought it was a great role reversal and we could have a lot of fun playing that change," Pine added.

Moreover, talking about how Diana Prince and Steve's dynamic will change this time around, Chris explained, "It changes the dynamic and, again, what is great about this franchise is that, as far as I can tell recently, it’s the only superhero film whose center point is a romance, is a love story.  That’s what always interested me in this: not so much the action, because my character is human and not superhuman—I’ve thrown a lot of punches and gotten hit plenty of times—but I really liked the fact that this was a big budget, studio romance wrapped up in an action film.  So we get to have another round of that."

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Directed by Patty Jenkins and also starring Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal, Wonder Woman 1984 is slated to release in India on December 24.

Anonymous 4 months ago

he looks so much older than his age , as if recovering from illness....movie was bit long..its alrdi released here