Extraction 2 Teaser: Chris Hemsworth SURVIVES and embarks on another brutal mission; WATCH

Updated on Sep 27, 2021 02:48 AM IST  |  180.7K
Netflix has unveiled new footage from the sequel of Extraction
"Extraction” continues to be one of Netflix's most popular and profitable films


As part of Netflix's TUDUM fan event on Saturday, Chris Hemsworth teased the sequel to his action smash "Extraction," and the sequel seems to be equally as brutal and intense as the first. A teaser released today featured Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth confirming once and for all that his character, mercenary Tyler Rake, is still alive.

Tyler's fate was left somewhat unclear at the conclusion of the first film, when he was shot on-screen by one of crime lord Asif's men and dumped in a river. The film's closing sequence gave a not-so-subtle indication that Tyler had survived by briefly displaying a guy who resembled him in a vision by the abducted child Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal). However, in the teaser, Tyler opens his eyes underwater in the aftermath of his apparent death, which ends with the hashtag "#RakeLives" and assurance that the film is "coming soon."

Check out the teaser here:

However, the sequel reintroduces Hemsworth as black market mercenary Tyler Rake, while the original's director, Sam Hargrave, returns to helm "Extraction 2," aiming to outdo himself after producing an amazing 11-minute unbroken take in the previous film. The sequel to "Extraction" is being written by "Avengers" director Joe Russo, and it will be produced by Joe and Anthony Russo under their AGBO brand.

Meanwhile, as per Just Jared, “Extraction” continues to be one of Netflix's most popular and profitable films. Last July, the streamer announced that the Hemsworth picture had topped a list of its most popular original movies, with 99 million households watching it in its first four weeks, beating out other big successes like "Bird Box" and "Spenser Confidential."

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