F9's Vin Diesel TEASES Marvel's plan involving Groot's return to Planet X

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Vin Diesel opens up about Marvel's Groot as he teases a project

Vin Diesel is attached to two major franchises including Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and Fast and the Furious. In his recent interview, the actor spoke about his Marvel character Groot and its connection to his kids, as well as dropped a major hint about Marvel's plans for his character in an upcoming project. As per Comicbook, Diesel has hinted at a big plot point involving Groot.

The character of Groot has received a lot of love from fans and just when they thought Marvel may not be focussing much on the sentient tree's storyline, Diesel dropped a major hint about a developing project. During his interaction with Comicbook, Diesel teased that Marvel head Kevin Feige should be questioned about one particular project and said, "You can ask him about the Groot story that he's excited about; the return to Planet X."

For the uninitiated, Planet X is Groot's homeworld and while The Guardians of the Galaxy have explored several other galaxies, they are yet to explore Planet X in films. Fans are calling this a major step ahead for Marvel if they plan to introduce Planet X.

Diesel also later mentioned how the role of Groot actually was a "gift" from his kids. Vin revealed that one of the biggest reasons for him to take on the role of Groot was because of his son. He said, "I played that character, in part, because when Marvel sent over a book of Marvel characters, my three-year-old son at the time pointed at the picture of the tree."

As for Groot's next appearance in the MCU films, it has been confirmed that it will be a part of Chris Hemsworth's upcoming film, Thor: Love and Thunder. 

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