Falcon and Winter Soldier: Anthony Mackie's 'Make US Great Again' line in Captain America speech got shot down

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Anthony Mackie thinks "the new Captain America captures" the essence of Americans' current identity.

Anthony Mackie, during a recent Zoom video call at Marvel Studios and Disney's Drive-In FYC event in Rose Bowl, Los Angeles, spoke candidly about his beloved MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) character Sam Wilson aka Falcon's memorable monologue as the new Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale, i.e Ep 6, which also stars Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier.

While discussing the evolution of his fan-favourite character, the 42-year-old actor revealed one suggestion he made for the now iconic monologue which unfortunately didn't make it. Explaining his inspiration behind the ideated line, Anthony elaborated, "With all of the protests and everything that went on in 2020, there were just as many Brown people as Black people as white people as Asian people. Everyone, everyone in this country at this time wants to see a change and that monologue sums that up in a beautiful way," via Just Jared.

"One thing I wanted to put at the end of the monologue — and it got shot down — was if we're going to 'Make America Great Again,' it has to be done by Americans. And no matter what your race, creed, colour or sexuality is, you're an American. And that's what I think the new Captain America captures," Mackie recalled.

We can't help but wonder why Anthony Mackie's suggestion got shot down!

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Do you think Anthony Mackie's suggested 'Make America Great Again' dialogue would have been a welcome addition to the new Captain America's already epic speech on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Share your honest thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, it will mostly be Captain America 4, which is currently in the works with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier showrunner and staff writer Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson co-writing the script, where we see Anthony's Sam next as the new Cap.


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