The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Finale: 5 BEST moments featuring Sam & Bucky's bromance; Power Broker reveal

*SPOILERS ALERT* The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Ep 6 signed off the finale on an adventure-driven road as there were tons of thrills, twists and emotions awaiting Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).
Zemo (Daniel Brühl) has a minute but impactful role in destroying the Flag Smashers. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Finale: 5 BEST moments featuring Sam & Bucky's bromance; Power Broker reveal
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*SPOILERS ALERT* The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Ep 6, which also marked the finale, was on action mode from the get-go as Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) finally adhered to Steve Rogers' (Chris Evans) wish and took on the mantle as the next and the first Black Captain America. A hard-fought battle across New York against Karli Morgenthau (Erin Kellyman) and the Flag Smashers saw Sam come into his own with Cap taking flight.

Moreover, when it comes to Bucky, not only did we get to see Sergeant Barnes in action mode, but we also witness his emotional maturity as he took Sam's advice and sought redemption the right way. We were also treated with plenty of Sam and Bucky bromance moments especially towards the end as they get their happy ending of sorts with trouble lurking at every corner, thanks to the likes of Sharon Carter and maybe even John Walker. Here are the five best moments from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale which left fans on a happy high:

Captain America takes flight to fight


The Wakandan gift for Sam from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Ep 5 was in fact a brand new Captain America suit with a Falcon twist as Wilson took flight to save the day. In particular, it's the sequence where a helicopter with Global Repatriation Council (GRC) officials is taken hostage by a member of the Flag Smashers and Wilson as Cap showed bravado but also smart wit in keeping everyone safe. Another memorable moment that got big applause from the spectators present was when Sam was able to save a truck filled with GRC officials from crashing and burning. "That's not Falcon. That's Captain America," someone says in awe. Steve somewhere is proud with his blonde hair and blue eyes.

Sam takes forward Karli's legacy... the right way

Captain America isn't just about being able to fight off the bad guys but it's also about sending the right message. Sam gets his moment of glory, at the behest of Karli's untimely death (thanks to Sharon Carter, but more on her below!), as he schools the GRC official to not go ahead with the Patch Act, which would move upwards of twenty million refugees back home to their countries of origin. Explaining how the government now finally understands the helplessness of the common folk, Wilson hits it right in the nail when he states, "I'm a black man carrying the stars and stripes? What don't I understand?" The scene is even more empowering as a war-trodden Isiah Bradley (along with Joaquin Torres) looks on with hidden pride because we find out later on that the Patch Act was eventually not brought to fruition. Speaking of Isaiah...

The world now rightfully knows Isaiah Bradley's name

After giving his seal of approval to Sam as Captain America, Isaiah is given his overdue moment of glory as well when Wilson takes him to Captain America's museum. Along with his grandson Eli Bradley (Elijah Richardson), Bradley stops in his tracks when he sees a statue made in his honour with his contribution towards the country acknowledged. An overwhelmed Isaiah then shares a warm embrace with Sam. Isaiah finally finds his rightful place in the history books.

Bucky finds home in Sam and his family

The closing moments see Sam back home with his sister Sarah Wilson (Adepero Oduye) as the Wilson family lovingly welcomes Bucky as one of their own. Besides joking around with Sarah's sons, Bucky and Sam also have their bromance moments which include... wait for it... hugging! It's the fact that Bucky can finally be happy on his own terms, with people who care about him is exactly what fans wanted to see for so long. And to see him seek redemption from those who he did wrong and those who supported him along the way, like his bar buddy, whose son was murdered by the Winter Soldier or Christina Raynor, (Amy Aquino) who was his therapist, was bittersweet but much needed as well.

Sharon and John are the... Power Broker and U.S. Agent & an epic mid-credits scene planting seeds for a season 2 possibility

Finally, the two reveals which fans had been theorising for quite some time now are finally out. While confronting Karli and Georges Batroc (Georges St-Pierre), it's revealed that Sharon is in fact the Power Broker, who had initially employed Morgenthau before her true intentions are revealed, of controlling the world rather than making it better, and Karli breaks free to lead the Flag Smashers on her own terms. In the mid-credits sequence, we see Sam keep his promise as Sharon is given full pardon and reinstated in her old job but as the Power Broker, Carter is already scheming big things which would make the late Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) anything but proud of her niece.

On the other hand, we see John have a hero moment as instead of going after Karli, who killed his best friend and sidekick Lemar Hoskins (Clé Bennett), he decides to save the GRC officials stuck inside the truck instead and teams up with Bucky and Sam. However, in another sequence, we see Walker and his wife Olivia Walker (Gabrielle Byndloss) with Valentina Allegra de Fontaine aka Madame Hydra (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) as she gifts him his new moniker; U.S. Agent with the comic book appropriate black suit. With so many loose ends and what will most definitely be MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fans' demand, a season 2 possibility seems more inclined on the right side with these revelations.

Honorable Mention: Zemo wasn't forgotten in the finale as even though it was barely a 5-second scene, he played a very important role in dismantling the Flag Smashers as he blows up the truck in which the remaining members were arrested. The officials arresting them were also a part of the Flag Smashers and hence, instead of them continuing Karli's legacy, Zemo did what he thought was sweet justice.

A memorable finale indeed and one that was poetically perfect for Sam and Bucky!

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