Family Karma Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Fights dissolve as old friendships are renewed

Updated on Jun 25, 2021 05:20 PM IST  |  284.1K
Family Karma Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Fights dissolve as old friendships are renewed

Our favorite Indian American families are back with all their drama and entertainment. This episode saw a couple of reconciliations and many fun moments.  That’s right, Vishal and Dillon bury the hatchet and move on, and so do Monica and Anisha. Monica’s mommy made a grand entrance into the show and we saw an emotional exchange between the mother-daughter duo for the first time. It was Halloween special with the theme being angels and demons, and everyone went all out to be in form. Read on..

Monica and Rishi are going strong

Monica Vaswani and Rishi Karam make a lovely couple. They seem to be on the right track and good for each other. We saw them hanging out with friends in this episode. When asked what they do on dates, they get teased saying Monica probably has Rishi doing Bollywood dances around the house. Monica is a dancer and that does seem like a very likely activity they would be doing, judging from some of their Instagram posts!

Monica and her mom talk it out

Monica Vaswani’s mom made an appearance on the show for the first time. The mother-daughter duo was seen discussing many issues including the parents’ divorce. When her mom hints that her ex-husband is a drama queen, Monica does not take it well and warns her mom that she does not want to hear bad things about her daddy. We know that Monica and her dad share a very loving bond and it was all the more apparent today. Monica was seen getting emotional as she pleaded with her mom to look beyond the differences and bond with her dad so that they could be a part of Monica’s happy moments in the future as well.

Anisha and Monica are friends again

We saw the two friends fall apart last season, and the differences apparently continued through the first few episodes of this season as well. However, at the Halloween bash, Monica calls Anisha aside and talks things out with her. Sweet.

Vishal and Dillon patch up

We saw the two friends break into an argument during Brian’s birthday bash in the very first episode of Season 2. However, the two friends patch up. “We made up, just like brothers do,” said Vishal. Aww

Brian’s dilemma

Brian Benni, who is dating Monica Shah, opens up to his mom about his insecurity saying everyone in Monica’s family is a physician and he is an IT consultant. He admits that he has a good job but is worried that Monica’s family may think less of him as he’s not a doctor. Well, hope all goes well here. We are totally shipping this Brian-Monica.

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