Fast & Furious 9: Is John Cena the head of Eteon from The Rock starrer Hobbs & Shaw?

John Cena is the latest entrant in the Fast & Furious franchise but his character details have not yet been revealed. According to a fan theory, John could be playing the head of Eteon. Eteon is a terrorist organization in the ruse of a technology company and they featured in The Rock starrer Hobbs & Shaw.
Other potential Eteon heads include Ryan Reynolds' character CIA Agent Locke and Luke Hobbs' (The Rock) father.
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Hobbs & Shaw marked the first-ever spin-off movie from the successful Fast & Furious franchise. Starring The Rock as Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw, Hobbs & Shaw saw Idris Elba's character Brixton Lore as the main villain. However, Lore was just a pawn in a bigger game spearheaded by Eteon. Eteon, as seen in Hobbs & Shaw is a terrorist organisation under the ruse of a technology company who want to improve the human race.

When we reach the end of the film, we are informed that the head of Eteon is an old acquaintance of Hobbs. Immediately, fan theories went rife over who could be the head of Eteon. Judging by the mid-credits scene, many assume that Ryan Reynold's character CIA Agent Locke could be the frontrunner for the position. Some also theorise that it's Hobb's dad, who was mentioned in Hobbs & Shaw. It was Luke who turned his father in to the authorities after his 'jobs' took a dangerous turn and put his as well as his brother, Jonah's life in danger.

Another possible prospect for the head of Eteon is John Cena, who is the latest entrant in The Fast & The Furious franchise. The wrestler and actor will star alongside Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 9, but there is no confirmation on which character he will essay. The modulated voice used in Hobbs & Shaw is eerily familiar to that of the Cenation leader.

While Charlize Theron is back as Cipher in Fast & Furious 9, it won't surprise us if she teams with Cena and that the latter is the head of Eteon.

Do you think John Cena's character in Fast & Furious 9 is the head of Eteon? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, directed by Justin Lin, Fast & Furious 9 is slated to release on May 22, 2020.

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