FESTA 2020 BTS 7th B'day Teaser: RM's carrot cutting skills confuses Jin; Jungkook recalls fight with Jimin

Finally, the teaser of BTS seventh birthday celebrations is out and we can expect a gala time, courtesy of the seven lovely boys. The septet decides to recreate their first birthday celebrations which means that RM's hilarious cooking skills are on display again.
In the BTS seventh birthday teaser, we also see Suga and Jimin aka Yoonmin decorating a cake for the septet.
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It's a bit hard to believe that it was seven years ago when BTS debuted with the promise to take on the world and that's exactly what they did. Their music has now achieved a universal fanbase which grows in millions with every album release. As a gift to ARMY, every anniversary is celebrated with vigour as June brings us FESTA 2020. On June 13, 2020, which marks BTS' seventh anniversary, we'll be getting the annual Bangtan Saengpa as the members visit old memories and talk fondly about the others.

This time, given how it's a very special year, BTS is going all out when it comes to the birthday party as they plan to recreate their first birthday celebrations which had taken place in their small dorm. We've finally been blessed with a teaser for the birthday party, which promises a fun-filled ride and we can't wait for the confessions to be unveiled and the shenanigans that the Bangtan boys are definitely up to. Firstly, ARMY was left laughing at Bangtan leader RM's carrot cutting skills which left Jin befuddled and our Namjin hearts soard. On the other hand, we see Suga goofing up while decorating a cake with Jimin giving us Yoonmin feels.

Jungkook and V's shenanigans leave J-Hope laughing like a crazy person while ChimChim loses it when Kookie recalls a fight they had revealing, "On that rainy day, in the studio... we fought." Moreover, the members are also asked about each other's first impressions and naming a member who they have some newfound respect for at any given time.

Check out BTS 7th B'day Teaser as a part of FESTA 2020 below:

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Leave it to BTS to make us smile in a minute! Can June 13 be here already!

Anonymous 8 months ago

I love them and I cut carrots that way too so Jin don’t be confused RM is cutting the carrot correct!

Anonymous 10 months ago

No matter what the deal is I hope no ARMY forgets you all and the love you brought to the world.

Anonymous 10 months ago

BTS love u Love from every Army

Anonymous 10 months ago


Anonymous 10 months ago


Anonymous 10 months ago

I love bts

Anonymous 10 months ago