FESTA 2020: BTS share wonderful memories from their 2019 and 2020 journey taking us on a nostalgic trip

1 year ago  |  5.6M
BTS has shared their 2019-2020 photo collection with ARMY as a part of FESTA 2020.

FESTA 2020 is here and ARMY is excited to get some much-needed distraction from the harsh reality, i.e. our life, this year. With the coronavirus pandemic taking over the globe and restricting us to undertake quarantine and social distancing as a new lifestyle, we're glad to have the septet keeping us entertained with new content almost every day. For the ones who are new to FESTA; starting from June 1, BTS releases new content every day up until June 13, which is BTS' debut anniversary. Given how the K-pop band is celebrating their seventh birthday in 2020, the festivities are going to be extra special.

Their latest gift to ARMY is taking them on a nostalgia-driven trip by sharing their 2019-2020 photo collection. These two years, in particular, have been the most rewarding for the septet as we were taught to love and speak ourselves while also look into the map of our souls. We had the Boy With Luv era which saw the boys in their colourful personalities as well as the Black Swan era, which saw the boys battle their struggles, head-on. Keeping all these memories fresh in our minds are the amazing photos that were shared by Big Hit Entertainment.

The photos which were shared included snaps from the sets of Boy With Luv, Grammys 2020 rehearsals, Map of the Soul: 7 Concept Photoshoot, FESTA 2019 and more.

Check out BTS' 2019-2020 photo collection as a part of FESTA 2020 below:

Which was your favourite memory from BTS' 2019-2020 photo collection as a part of FESTA 2020? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, BTS has a ton of surprises awaiting us during FESTA 2020 as there are certain mysterious projects that have ARMY excited. Whether it be Still With You, which could either be a solo or unit song to Map of the Song: 7, there's a lot to look forward to in the coming days. There's even the possibility of an emotional music video for We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal. Moreover, June 13 will see the Bangtan Saengpa taking place and we can bet that it's going to be a roller-coaster ride of emotions. June 6 will see BTS participate in Dear Class of 2020, which is a virtual graduation ceremony hosted by Michelle Obama. The septet is going to be one of the many commencement speakers and will also headline the grad-night party.

Before FESTA 2020, fans got a chance to get to know BTS on a more personal level with Break The Silence as the septet let their guard down and spoke about their struggles with fame. Another aspect that was given major spotlight throughout the docuseries was the bond shared between the members.

Explaining BTS' equation best was the Bangtan leader RM, who confessed, "I think they're somewhere between family and best friends. Being somewhere in between that, it's hard for us to clearly define our relationship, so there are times when we fight and don't understand each other. I think that's sometimes why we love or hate each other."

"That's how it is now but if we go our own ways later in the future, I hope we continue to see each other and spend time together often because we're happy now when we're together," Jin shared and added, "Even though I like to laugh and may not look that serious on the outside, I want to be a person they can rely on emotionally. I want to energise the team and console the members when they are down. You know, good vibes that aren't too grand, but make people happy."

Moreover, ARMY is gearing up for the release of BTS' fourth Japanese album, Map of the Soul: The Journey, which drops on July 15, 2020. Along with the lead single, Stay Gold, ARMY is particularly excited about Your Eyes Tell, which is a ballad composed by Jungkook.  If you think that's all BTS is working on, then you're clearly mistaken! With everything that's going on, BTS is already working on their next album, which will be their most personal yet as each member will play a key role in the making of the album, that will mostly be dropping in October 2020.