FESTA 2020: Jin's invisible chair & Jungkook's sideburns are the highlights of BTS' aesthetic family portraits

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FESTA 2020 will culminate with Bangtan Saengpa on June 13, 2020, which marks BTS' seventh anniversary.

If you're a member of ARMY, June will always be a special month for you because that's when BTS celebrates its debut anniversary. Specifically, it's June 13, when BTS was first introduced to the world and seven years later, they're one of the biggest names in the music industry with a global reach that would leave any other artist envious. From dominating Billboard and iTunes Charts to selling 500,000 pure copies in the US, with Map of the Soul: 7, there really is no stopping BTS.

As for FESTA 2020, the surprises are coming on a daily basis with the first one being a summer version of Airplane pt. 2 from their 2018 Summer Package trip to Saipan. Yesterday night, at 8:30 PM IST, we got the seventh anniversary family portraits and it's everything we would imagine it to be. In three different photoshoots, which were aesthetically pleasing thanks to the members themselves, we see their funny sides come out as well. BTS makes pink work like no one else does and taking us back to the Boy With Luv era, the septet's satin pink outfits are what we want for ourselves asap. However, the one thing that caught everyone's attention was the photo that saw Jin seated on an invisible chair and while it may look like a photoshop fail, the eldest member of BTS' posture was infact like that!

Going towards the next photoshoot, we see the members chilling on the stairs, donned in their concert outfits. More specifically, it's the fact that each member is wearing an outfit from their solo song performances. RM's outfit is from Trivia 承: Love, Jin's outfit is from Epiphany, Suga's outfit is from Trivia 轉: Seesaw, J-Hope's outfit is from Trivia 起: Just Dance, Jimin's outfit is from Serendipity, V's outfit is from Singularity and Jungkook's outfit is from Euphoria. Moreover, one couldn't help but look at the boys' placement and decipher a clue for the units that will be unveiled as a part of the Bangtan Saengpa on June 13. While we'll get the final reveal only on June 9, one photo suggests that the units might be Namjoon and Jin, Yoongi, ChimChim and Kookie and Hobi and Taehyung.

Moreover, the final round of the photoshoot sees the mischievous boys bring back funky sunglasses to FESTA as they are seen twinning in black suit ensembles with a white shirt. What ARMY couldn't get over was Jungkook's Elvis Presley sideburns that had everyone cackling because of how cute Kookie looked with them.

Check out the photos from BTS' seventh anniversary family portraits below:

We adore these boys and how!

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Today, ARMY is gearing up for the first choreography video to be out, though we are unaware of which hit song BTS will be putting out. Moreover, other surprises over the next two weeks include a possible emotional music video for We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal, and two mysterious projects titled Still With You and Map of the Song: 7. It will indeed be a busy few days for ARMY as we could all use a distraction from our real-life and become one with BTS.

Recently, as a gift to BTS, ahead of their seventh anniversary, ARMY made it a mission to give the septet their first ever one billion views for a music video. Turns out it was the DNA MV, which has successfully reached that mark and helped BTS make history as the first Korean boy group to achieve this impressive feat. It was indeed a thoughtful gesture by ARMY for their idols as a present for FESTA 2020.

BTS is currently working on their next album and giving us an inside view into the discussions that take place regarding the planning of said album. Through V Live and YouTube Live sessions, ARMY is getting access into just how personal BTS' next album is going to be as the members are taking up the responsibility to create it from scratch to finish. For example, RM will be in charge of the producing part of the album while J-Hope will be responsible for the choreography in the music videos. As spoiled by Jin, the probable release date for the highly-awaited album is said to be October 2020.


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