FESTA 2020: Jungkook's favourite word being Rap Monster to V thinking of Jimin when in pain; BTS reveals all

As a part of the FESTA 2020 celebrations, the recent gift by BTS to ARMY sees the members revealing some fun stuff about each other. Whether it be Jungkook being RM's "eternal makdoongie" or even Jin's biggest fear being "Everything. Crybaby," check out all the interesting revelations below.
BTS members had some funny, interesting revelations to make about their bandmates.
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It's indeed been an interesting few weeks if you're a part of ARMY as BTS is going all out in providing us with content to fawn over unabashedly. Whether it be breaking our hearts with their emotional docuseries, Break The Silence, to making us laugh out loud with Run BTS episodes, BTS really knows how to keep their ARMY happy while also giving them ample company during such tough times. In June, which is BTS' favourite month of the year as it's when their debut anniversary takes place (June 13, 2013), we have FESTA 2020.

Until now, the boys have treated us right by giving us choreography videos for Dionysus and Fake Love, a summer version of Airplane pt. 2, family portraits and nostalgic photos from their 2019-2020 journey and more. Let's not forget, Jungkook released his first-ever produced solo track, Still With You, which was a dedication to ARMY. Last night, the septet surprised us with the second installment of BTS profiles in which the members posed as their bandmates and answered questions on their behalf.

Some hilarious revelations were made that had ARMY feeling all the feels. As translated by BTS' fanclub, @bangtan_india, When RM took over J-Hope's profile, the Bangtan leader gushed about how his '94 line member's specialty was "sprinkling hope" besides "popping" and that Suga was his "beloved hyung." Moreover, Hobi would like to have "Jungkookie's exercising powers" as a superpower while "Namjoonie's destruction" makes him angry. When V wrote Jin's profile, he shared that J-Hope is his "smiley angel that fell from the sky" and that a good habit of his eldest hyung was "thinking of ARMY." Moreover, Taehyung quipped that the Worldwide Handsome's biggest fear was "Everything. Crybaby."

While writing Suga's profile, Jungkook joked that his hyung's hobby is "breathing" and that his must-have at home is a "bed." Yoongi's role within the team is "father" while his recent obsession is "video games." RM's profile by Suga sees the latter revealing that Jungkook to Namjoon is his "eternal makdoongie." Moreover, Yoongi feels his bandmate looks the most handsome when he is "on stage." For Jin, who wrote Jimin's profile, ChimChim's role within the team is "disappearing abs" and that Jin to him is his "god-like existence." Moreover, V is Jimin's "best friend" while Suga is  his "soul's companion." If Baby Mochi was invisible for a day he would "steal and run with Jungkookie's bed."

For J-Hope, who wrote V's profile, Taehyung's role within the team is being the "visual" for BTS while Jimin is his "twin-like friend." Hobi thinks Tae-Tae is "a fool who knows nothing but his family, BTS and ARMY." Moreover, the member who V thinks of when he is in pain is "Jiminie" and his happiest moment to date is "the moment I brought Yeontan home with me."

While writing Jungkook's profile, Jimin gushed that the Golden Maknae's role within the team was "muscles, cutiepie and big eater." ChimChim is Kookie's "eternal best friend, my soul brother and my precious hyungnim." Moreover, Jungkook's favourite word is "Rap Monster" and he'd want to "do a concert with the members" if there was only one day left to the end of the world.

The septet also proceeded to draw the members whose profile they wrote and came out with some funny sketches.

Check out 2020 BTS' Profile 2 as a part of FESTA 2020 below:

Like we needed more reasons to absolutely adore these boys!

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Meanwhile, BTS made a lot of right noise for their inspirational commencement speech during Dear Class of 2020 as each member had some wise words of advice to bestow upon the graduating students.

In his ending ment, RM had shared, "As musicians, we are pulling ourselves together by making music. We write songs, we produce and we practice as we think about the people we love. And it connects us to the world during such difficult times and with music, we hope we can bring you smiles and courage again. V just mentioned memories and photographs. For us, our way of remembering and communicating is to make music. For you, it could be anything."

"In our music and in our hearts and in the time that we break out of ourselves, we're alone but also together. We may be seeing each other through just a camera on this small screen but I know your future will bloom to something much bigger and magnificent. Graduates, friends, family, faculty: Today, you stand with us the largest graduating class in history," Namjoon concluded.

Anonymous 3 months ago

For your information, what Jimin meant from Kookie's favorite word being 'Rap monster' is because BTS watched that interview of an old man asked if he knew BTS, he said yes and stated their names correctly with "Rrrap monster" being the most impressionable to Jungkook. It became addictive (a meme) to Jungkook, so he would mention it every now and then to the guys as a joke.

Anonymous 9 months ago

RM and Rap Monster are amazing we don't have to fight, I commented for two reasons 1 June 13 is my birthday and i feel forever connnected to BTS because of this and more importantly to appreciate Jungkooks Still With You my favorite song to listen to, thank you JK thank you, i will love BTS forever

Anonymous 10 months ago

Please ARMYs, it's just a little thing, we shouldn't be fighting

Anonymous 10 months ago

I love Rap Monster more than RM

Anonymous 10 months ago

Hey.... may be she mean she loves calling him Rap Monster more than RM.

Anonymous 10 months ago

R u dumb stupid ot dumb they r da same

Anonymous 10 months ago

When BTS is coming to India ???

Anonymous 10 months ago

So the members still call him Rap Monster, big #_@&--& deal.

Anonymous 10 months ago

Comments saying RM is Real Me and not Rap Monster... I hear you but the writer is correctly translating what Jimin wrote! He wrote “Rap Monster” in Korean, not RM, not Real Me.

Anonymous 10 months ago

It’s RM not Rap Monster you stupid!!

Anonymous 10 months ago

Jimin wrote 랩몬스터... YOU DUMB! Jungkook's favorite word is Rap Monster you dummy...

Anonymous 10 months ago

S0 according to your knowledge what is the full form of RM??

Anonymous 10 months ago

dont call them stupid. rap monster was rm’s stage name before he changed it. sometimes i accidentally call him rap monster because im used to it. and thats what jimin wrote- so now are you gonna call jimin, namjoons bandmate, stupid?

Anonymous 10 months ago

How mny times we have told u its Rm that stands for Real me not Rap monster

Anonymous 10 months ago

yeah, but jimin wrote rap monster in korean