Finch Official Trailer: Tom Hanks struggles to survive an apocalypse with his faithful dog & a robot; WATCH

Updated on Sep 21, 2021 05:56 PM IST  |  53.6K
Finch official trailer released.
Apple TV’s Finch has released an official trailer.

If you were wondering what a post-apocalyptic world would look like, where the policy ‘survival of the fittest’ works more than anything, Apple TV+ has all the answers for you. Finch, a sci-fi movie featuring Tom Hanks, follows the lone survivor of a major apocalypse who struggles to look for the perfect home for his rather unusual family.

Unusual is an understatement, as Hanks’ Finch has a family comprising his robot Jeff and a very good boy named Goodyear. A Miguel Sapochnik directorial, the movie unveils how Hanks creates a noteworthy robot and decides to embark on a journey in American West. In the trailer, as the trio sets forth on a road trip, they are met with hard-hitting challenges as Jeff tries to manage his control over the steering wheel but fails to do so in the beginning! Finch and Jeff exchange some witty comments from time to time, which keeps the movie’s humour afloat.

However, the robotics engineer makes sure to find ways of survival for the three of them and has to deal with one catastrophe after the other. But, the only thing constant throughout the trailer is the bond Hanks’ Finch and his four-legged companion Goodyear share which helps him fight harder for their survival. When Jeff asks Finch, "do you think we'll make it?" Hanks' Finch replies with, "Not without my team." The 2 minutes and 41 seconds trailer focuses on friendship, and how one can survive an apocalypse with the right friends by their side!

Watch the official trailer below:

Starring Tom Hanks as Finch and Caleb Landry Jones as Jeff, Finch is slated to hit the streaming platform Apple TV+ on November 5.

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