Ford v Ferrari director James Mangold REACTS on Martin Scorsese’s Marvel movies comments; Here's what he said

James Mangold who is promoting his recently released film ‘Ford v Ferrari’ talked about Martin Scorsese’s comments about Marvel movies in his recent interview. Read below to know what he said.
James Mangold talks about Martin Scorsese's remarks about Marvel moviesJames Mangold talks about Martin Scorsese's remarks about Marvel movies
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The man who brought to us Hugh Jackman’s Logan for the last time in 2017, James Mangold has talked about the comments made by the legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese about Marvel movies recently. Mangold is currently promoting his newly-released film Ford v Ferrari and was spoken to UPROXX about his film and Scorsese.

James Mangold has stated in his views that no matter in which creative arena a filmmaker is working in, every filmmaker has that freedom of presenting what he thinks is right and presentable at the same time. As he stated that, “I think that the point is less about whether the source is a comic book or not and much more salient is just the freedom the filmmaker has in whatever creative arena there is, because I certainly had 100 per cent freedom in Logan. I mean exactly what we wanted to make.” But, the director also stressed to the core of Scorsese’s comments and said, “Clearly he hasn’t watched that many of them. That’s the only tragic part of his dissertation.”



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Then, Mangold spoke about the positives that are getting overshadowed in this whole chaos. He explained, “But the reality is that what he’s saying, it couldn’t be truer. It just doesn’t have to only be true for that specific stripe of film. It’s true across the boards. I see shitty comedies made by the numbers. I see shitty romantic films made by the numbers. I see gobs of adventure films made by the numbers. And you know they’ve been tested through the wazoo and re-shot and extra ending and an extra coat and an extra cherry on top. That isn’t just the province of comic book movies. That’s the province of mainstream corporate filmmaking all around, and it’s up to folks like him — or me to the degree I can do it — and others to push back against it in any genre.”

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James Mangold’s recently released film ‘Ford v Ferrari’ stars Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Jon Bernthal and many others. Do you agree with the comments of James Mangold? Tell us in the comments section below.

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