Free Guy: Joe Keery has a HILARIOUS REPLY to how he thinks Stranger Things characters would fare in Free City

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Free Guy releases in India on September 17
Joe Keery also discussed working with Taika Waititi and how both gamers and non-gamers will enjoy Free Guy.

Next week, the Indian audience will finally get to feast their eyes on the cinematic spectacle; Free Guy, which has created the right noise amongst critics and at the worldwide box office. Pinkvilla had the humble opportunity to attend the global junket for the Ryan Reynolds starrer, which also sees Joe Keery playing Key, a video game developer working for Antwan (Taika Waititi), founder of Free City, the makeshift video game which is the central storyline setting in Free Guy.

While fans are sure to love Joe in Free Guy, for many, the 29-year-old actor will forever lovingly be known as Stranger Things' Steve Harrington. I couldn't help but quiz Keery on how he thinks his cult Netflix series' characters would fare in Free City and got a hilarious reply in response. "That's a great question! Probably, not well. I mean, I think Eleven [Millie Bobby Brown] would probably do pretty well 'cause she's got telekinetic powers. But everyone else, I don't know. If they just were, if they didn't have any items or anything, then probably it would be tough. I wouldn't want any... I wouldn't want to live in Free City. There's no way," Joe wittily theorised.

I think Eleven [Millie Bobby Brown] would probably do pretty well [in Free City, Free Guy's video game] 'cause she's got telekinetic powers.
Joe Keery

Besides Jodie Comer, who pulls double duty as developer Millie Rusk and Free City's Molotov Girl, most of Keery's Free Guy scenes are with Taika and Utkarsh Ambudkar as developer Mouser. I asked Joe how his experience was shooting with the Thor: Love and Thunder director, in particular, and if there was a lot of improvisation in the duo's sequences. To this, Keery gushed, "There is, floating out there, somewhere, like a 39-minute blooper reel of Taika going crazy. He's just going off. On set, the days that he... he was there for about two weeks and I was so excited to work with him. Huge fan of him as an actor and a director and a writer. I mean, he's kind of prolific. So, you can imagine," before adding, "I think, his performance... he's probably got like 98 percent more of a performance out there, somewhere [chuckles], in the abyss. So, yeah! It was hard to keep it together for him 'cause he's just so amazing. Yeah, it was a real honour working with that guy and learning from him and watching him do his thing. And how confident he was and how, he's not afraid to take risks and yeah, that's what the greats do, I think. So, he was great."

As a non-gamer myself, Free Guy was still very enjoyable. Hence, I asked Joe what he thinks it is about Free Guy that would appeal to both gamers and non-gamers alike, to which, Keery revealed, "Yeah, that's a good question! The other day when we were doing press, Ryan was saying like, 'Titanic. In the same way, Titanic is not a movie about boating, Free Guy is not a movie necessarily about a video game. It's just the vehicle that is used to tell the story.' That is just, yeah! And I think that's so smart. That's kind of dead on because there are nods to gaming culture and jokes that you may have to be a gamer to understand but, I'd like to think that, 'Yeah, you don't have to be a gamer [to enjoy Free Guy].' I mean, if you're not a gamer, there you go. That's living proof right there. So, yeah, that's really cool. I hope that people can have the same experience that you had."

Free Guy promises to be a cinematic extravaganza!

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Directed by Shawn Levy, with tons of celebrity cameos by Ryan Reynolds' famous friends, Free Guy releases in India on September 17.

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