Free Guy star Ryan Reynolds and cast REVEAL which video game would they most want to live in for 24 hours

During Free Guy's Global Press Conference, which Pinkvilla was a part of, Ryan Reynolds had an unconventional choice when asked to pick a video game that he'd like to live in for a day.

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Free Guy releases in India on September 17
Ryan Reynolds stars as Guy in Free Guy.
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During Free Guy's Global Press Conference, which Pinkvilla was a part of, the talented cast was asked to pick a video game that they'd like to live in for 24 hours. To this, Ryan Reynolds, who plays Guy in the movie, revealed, "Oh boy! I mean, I loved Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! as a kid. I, a little bit like [Lil] Rel [Howery, more on this below!]... we used to quote back in the fight, every time... I have three older brothers. So we were constant, there was just constant messy stabbing deaths all over my house, all the time."  

"So, there was... we were always sort of at war.  But, if I had to really pick a game, I know this is kind of unexpected or maybe it's expected, I would actually kind of like to be in Free City. I know it's not a real video game, but the video game that we've created to... where this film is set, I kind of like the colours and the vibes in there, or something. I know it's a dangerous as hell place to live," the Deadpool actor quipped which earned a chuckle out of his co-stars Lil Rel, who plays Guy's best friend, Buddy.

"But, I think I would probably take that. And it's interesting to me because everybody's sort of said, 'Oh, it's a... this is a movie based on a video game. Or a video game movie.' I really don't think Free Guy is a video game movie," Ryan explained before further elaborating his stance, "It's sort of like saying Titanic is a movie about boatsmanship. Uh, it's not. It's a movie about so much more, and... but I love the narrow target we had to hit to create a world that felt so authentic to gamers. And then still sort of smuggle this other story into that was a pretty special kind of thing."

As for the rest of the Free Guy cast members, Taika Waititi, who plays Free City founder Antwan, felt he'd "probably be a pilot in Defender" as it "mirrors my life quite well." For "modern context," the Thor: Love and Thunder director chose Roblox, which he plays with his daughters - Te Hinekāhu, 9, and Matewa Kiritapu, 6. While Ryan revealed that his and Blake Lively's eldest daughter James, 6, also plays Roblox, Taika joked, "You should do it.  It's great.  You just turn into a wolf and then you make your kids be wolves and then you just walk around the landscape looking at waterfalls and stuff. Very peaceful." Lil Rel and Jodi Comer, who has a double role as Millie Rusk aka Molotov Girl, laughed at Waititi's witty explanation of Roblox.

Speaking of Jodi, the Killing Eve star picked Harry Potter, a popular choice which she quipped, "...there's a tumbleweed every time I say it." Free Guy director Shawn Levy thought Jodi's pick was a "great choice." As for Joe Keery, who plays Keys, the Stranger Things star chose "the least dangerous" video game because "I don't want to get my head chopped." Joe first picked The Sims, which Jodi clarified is "pretty dangerous." Eventually, Keery decided in on Star Fox, elaborating, "I get to fly this kind of cool spacecraft. That seems pretty cool."

Lil Rel chose the unconventional Charles Barkley: Shut Up and Jam. "It would have been fun to be in that video game and just play Charles Barkley and have him tell me to go get the damn ball at the age of 10," Howery joked. Chiming in on Lil's answer, Utkarsh Ambudkar, who plays Mouser, revealed, "I mean, I would piggyback on that. If Free Guy is about wish fulfilment, and my first dream was to be the first Indian in the NBA. So, if I could, I was really hoping for it... This is all Plan B, guys. But, I think I would jump into NBA 2K. You can get a player that looks exactly like yourself. I would be 6'7, 6'8, 260. Point guard, point forward. Oh my God!, I'd play for the Lakers, maybe my home team, Washington Wizards, win three to four championships in a row. Something small like that. Something achievable. So yeah, I think NBA 2K would be my go-to," leaving Jodie and Lil Rel laughing.

Free City would definitely be an epic pick to live 24 hours in!

Which video game would you most want to live in for a day? Share your personal picks with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, Free Guy releases in India on September 17.

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