Friends 26th Anniversary: 6 VALUABLE life lessons Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe & Joey taught us

In honour of comedy sitcom Friends’ 26th anniversary, we’re looking back at 6 valuable life lessons each character taught us through their decade long journey.
Friends 26th Anniversary: 6 VALUABLE life lessons Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe & Joey taught usFriends 26th Anniversary: 6 VALUABLE life lessons Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe & Joey taught us
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The beloved comedy sitcom Friends celebrates 26 since its debut today! The nostalgic show first aired on 22 September 1994, lasting 10 seasons and ending in 2004. More than 2 decades later, the show still manages to make audiences laugh. The show and the famous Central Perk have withstood the test of time, to become a cult classic. Not only do the purple windows at Monica’s door and the setting at Central Perk incite a sense of nostalgia, but the characters have really come to feel like home for the fans.


The show’s lead characters Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Monica and Chandler have not only inspired infectious laughter but have also taught a few life lessons along the way. Whether you identified with Chandler or Rachel, there was something to learn from every character. To celebrate the 26th anniversary of the show, we’re looking back at the life lessons each character taught us along their decade long journey; So cue the nostalgia and scroll down to see the wisdom each Friends characters lefts us with. 


Rachel Green: It’s never too late to grow up

When we first meet Rachel in the show, she’s a spoiled rich girl who wants to finally make her own money (and decisions). The first episode of the show starts with Rachel leaving her fiance at the altar in order to pursue a happier and more empowering life. Without giving too many spoilers, we can tell you that Rachel progresses to become a pretty amazing and independent career woman (and single mother).


Ross Geller: Persistence pays off

Ross Geller met Rachel Green when they were kids, and he had a crush on her from the time he was 15. Even though they went their separate ways for a while, Ross’s crush picked up right where it left off when Rachel came back into his life — and he went right back to attempting to woo her. Ross believed Rachel and him were destined to be together, so he did everything he could to stick it out.


Monica Geller: Celebrate yourself 

When Monica is the best at something, she wants the world to know. After overcoming childhood obesity and finding her passions in life, her confidence became sky-high. She wasn’t afraid of being the best at something, which is something we can all learn from — Monica taught fans how to own their skills, to be proud of themselves, and to never back down from a challenge.


Chandler Bing: Your past doesn’t define you

Despite being funny and lighthearted, Chandler had his fair share of struggle as well. His parents divorced when he was young, leaving him estranged from his transgender father, who performs in a Vegas burlesque club across the country. While he used to use his rocky childhood as an excuse to be bitter, throughout the show he began to learn that his parents’ choices were not his own — and that he could be a good husband, father, son, and friend despite his insecurities (and that his parent’s love for him never wavered despite everyone’s differences).


Phoebe Buffay: Be yourself

Without a doubt, Phoebe is the weirdest character on the show. She makes a living as a freelance massage therapist and as a folk singer. She hears voices in her head, reads tea leaves, and believes in animal reincarnation. She unashamedly believes in what she believes in, and she never lets anyone tell her that her choices are inferior.


Joey Tribbiani: Never give up on your dreams

After dropping out of high school, Joey went on to become a struggling actor for several years. He performs in a massively wide variety of stage shows, weird TV pilots, and even movies. It wasn’t easy, but it worked for him — he never gave up on his dream, even when people doubted him.


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