FRIENDS: Top 10 funny lines from the show which prove Matthew Perry and Chandler Bing are extremely alike

Friends character Chandler Bing never failed to amaze millions of fans with his wit and sarcastic one-liners. Let's celebrate the iconic character with our favourite Chandler Bing moments below.
Chandler Bing's Top 10 moments from Friends.  Chandler Bing's Top 10 moments from Friends.
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FRIENDS fans will agree that Chandler Bing is one of the beloved characters on the show. The same fans will also agree that FRIENDS is one of those iconic sitcoms that one never gets tired of watching again and again. Chandler is sarcastic, witty and funny. That's three synonyms to the same word but that's Mr. Bing for you! It's also his love for Monica that makes him such a fan-favourite. As messy as he may be to Monica's OCD-attitude, they are soulmates, like lobsters you see!

Furthermore, Chandler uses his sarcastic attitude as a defense mechanism and slowly but steadily, we see this character become more in tune with his emotions. Especially, when it comes to his friends, who are just like his family! There have been several iconic moments in Friends and you can bet that Chandler is a part of most of these sequences. Whether it be the Thanksgiving episodes or even Halloween, Chandler Bing is the funny element that has even the characters laughing out loud.

Here are Chandler Bing’s top 10 moments:

1] “And I want a million dollars..”


He was quite amazed at the fact that Ross said he wanted to be married again and Rachel appeared at Central Perk in a wedding dress. He just wanted to test his luck!

2] “I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!” 


Almost all of us related to him at the moment!

3] “What’s wrong with me? Oh, don’t open that door” 


Chandler Bing loves to joke about himself just as much as he does with others.

4] “I’m not great at advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”


Many would take the sarcasm instead of advice.

5] “I say more dumb things before 9 am than most people say all day”


Oh, we all do that Chandler, it’s not just you! 

6] “Up until I was 25, I thought the only response to I love you was Oh crap!” 


Haven't we all been in the same position?

7] “I’m gonna get all uncomfortable and probably make some stupid joke.”


He didn’t want the moment with Rachel to be emotional, he wanted her to remember him as he was, which was funny!

8] “You see some people are like clouds, once they disappear, it becomes a sunny day”


Couldn’t it be more of a truth?! 

9] “Gum would be perfection”


Ah! The one where Chandler ruined what could have been a good conversation starter. But hey in his defense it did start a conversation later!

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10] “Let me think. Let me think. Oh! I don’t care”


He made it clear to Joey he didn’t care about his game.

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