Game of Thrones 8: 'Only 4 more sleeps to go', posts the official handle of the show; Fans go crazy

Fans of the legendary show Game of Thrones have had a long journey waiting for the final season of the series. The official page of game of thrones took to social media and started a countdown as '4 more sleeps to go', which has made the viewers even more eager.
Game of Thrones,HollywoodGame of Thrones 8: 'Only 4 more sleeps to go', posts the official handle of the show; Fans go crazy
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Just three more days to go for the premiere of the last season of the breathtaking show Game of Thrones. In a few days, everyone will be buzzing around their TVs, laptops and other electronic gadgets. Fans are really excited and eager to know what will happen to their favorite characters. As the theme of the show is killing off the main characters, anything can happen in the eighth season. The filming of this upcoming season officially began on October 23, 2017. It took the team two long years to prepare for the final show. Several posters and teasers have been dropped by HBO to boost the curiosity of the viewers even more.
The official page of Game of Thrones has been doing a countdown on social media. Recently, they shared a post on Instagram and Twitter warning the fans that there are only four more days to go until the season releases. Apparently, the final season is going be so horrific and heartbreaking. They also shared three pictures of Brienne. A similar post was shared for a 5-day countdown too. So, revise all the theories, events, fights and deaths to get ready for the upcoming season.
Reportedly, the ending is going to be really disappointing because when Kit Harrington aka own Jon Snow revealed the end to his wife Rose Leslie, she didn't talk to him for around three days. Rose essayed the role of Ygritte in the early seasons of GOT before her character died. Kit said, “I told my wife last year how it ended, and she wouldn’t talk to me for about three days. And she’d asked!” The actor says that the ending of Game of Thrones season 8 will be “groundbreaking” and not everyone will be happy. It was earlier revealed that Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark has already told the ending to her friends. 


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