Game of Thrones alums Hannah Waddingham and Lena Headey REACT to a ‘traumatic’ scene from the series

Published on Aug 17, 2021 01:21 AM IST  |  128K
Hannah Waddingham and Lena Headey have starred in Game of Thrones together.

Game of Thrones stars Hannah Waddingham and Lena Headey, aka Septa Unella and Cersei Lannister recently engaged in a conversation about the television series, while reminiscing moments from certain episodes which they both were in. Waddingham especially reacted to her first day which was coincidentally the day Lena was filming a rather difficult scene on the show.

During a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, the two actors recalled the time they met each other for the first time on set and a particular sequence when Cersei was shamed in the crowded streets of King’s Landing. Waddingham remembered thinking that the scenes in the series were ‘epic’ and wanted to be like Cersei when she had first joined. “I said to you [Lena Headey], 'Oh, my God, this is so epic.'... 'Oh, my God, do you ever get used to this?' And you were so cool about it all. And I thought, I want to be like her when I grow up," Waddingham said.

Recalling a particular scene where she had little to no clothes on, Lena said she was terrified to shoot that part in front of 6,000 people. Later, the two also shared their takes on the scene where Cersei tortures Septa Unella in Season 6 of the series. According to Waddingham, the waterboarding scene from the show, where her character was killed, was ‘quite traumatic.’ She revealed getting questions about whether the scene was done with graphics, and about the discomfort she must’ve faced while going through the particular scene, which was also her death scene in the series.

“One thing I've said a lot is that both of us were quite uncomfortable about it, but as with all these things, you know that they're not actually going to kill you so you just get on with it and do it. It made wicked telly and I just wondered what your take on all that was, because I think you found it quite difficult too," Waddingham added.

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