Game Of Thrones: Amul pays ode to GoT season 8 in it's trademark style

The final season of Game of Thrones is finally here and the entire fandom is rejoicing with their favorite TV show back on the bay. Amul paid a lovely tribute to the popular fantasy series in their own unique way.
Game Of Thrones: Amul pays ode to GoT season 8 in it's trademark styleGame Of Thrones: Amul pays ode to GoT season 8 in it's trademark style
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Winter is finally here. No, we are not talking about the weather but the favorite show on the block which is none other than Game of Thrones. The popular fantasy series is finally back again with its final season which is a moment of both rejoice and sadness for the die-hard Game of Thrones fans out there. It is not a hidden fact that the show has a massive popularity in India too and seems like the brand Amul who are known for their unique campaigning strategy made use of this immense popularity to pay tribute to the show in the most befitting way.

Amul came up with their new poster which was a tribute to the show. They took to their social media to share the poster which shows the Amul girl dressed as Daenerys sitting on the Iron Thrones. The poster also has dragons in the background with the words Daenery’s Served written below. The new poster definitely shows the excitement of every Game of Thrones fan since the final season of the show is finally here. The craze for the show is so immense that it was recently seen that Indian parents were baffled with their children waking up at 5 am to download the first episode of the show yesterday morning.

Recently, the Western Railway too used the popular show as an inspiration on spreading their message to the public. The Western Railway tweeted, “Be a wise Lannister, always travel  with a ticket. Western Railway urges you to keep an appropriate ticket at all times avoid buying tickets from touts. #ForTheThrone #GameofThrones.” Now, isn’t this the most unique way to spread awareness amongst the masses? For the unversed, the eighth and the final season of the show Game of Thrones has been premiered on April 14, 2019. Game of Thrones happens to be one of the most popular television shows in the world with high TRP rates.  

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