Game of Thrones: George RR Martin REVEALS the inspiration behind killing his characters and it's CREEPY AF

It was as a young child owning pet turtles which gave George R.R. Martin inspiration to kill off his characters in A Song of Fire and Ice series. Read below to know more about what George recalled about his first 'fantasy epic' titled Turtle Castle.
Before there was A Song of Ice and Fire, one of George R.R. Martin's first 'fantasy epics' was Turtle Castle.Before there was A Song of Ice and Fire, one of George R.R. Martin's first 'fantasy epics' was Turtle Castle.
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One factor in Game of Thrones that made it such an unbelievable and heartbreaking watch was the fact that it was no holds barred when it came to killing off beloved characters. With each season, we would have a new favourite who would then get killed off in the gruesomest of ways. However, this innate need to kill people of the show stems from its original source which is A Song of Ice and Fire series, by George R.R. Martin.

While speaking at the New Jersey Hall of Fame induction ceremony, George spilled the beans on the inspiration behind him killing off many of his characters. It was as a young kid when Martin would see his pet turtles die and would then proceed to give justifications of why they met their demise. "I had a toy castle that was just big enough for [two turtle bowls] in the courtyard, so I put two turtle bowls side by side in my castle... the thing was, dime-store turtles don't live very long," the 71-year-old novelist recalled.



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"I don't think the food they give you – the little shakers of turtle food – were really very nutritious. So my turtles were always dying, which broke my heart, and I had to come up with some explanation as to why they were dying. So I decided that they were murdering each other. They lived in a castle and, obviously, there were knights and kings and princes who were competing for the Turtle Throne, so they were murdering each other," George added.

Furthermore, Martin quipped that even before there was a Game of Thrones, Turtle Castle was one of the writer's first fantasy epics. Hence, he memorialises his pet turtles with the turtle he wears on his hat and at times, even his suit jacket.

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