Game of Thrones' Kit Harington reacts to the backlash over the ending; Says critics can go f*** themselves

Game of Thrones season 8 which was the finale of the iconic series was the most awaited one and the last episode was aired on Sunday but the same received a mixed response from the viewers. The reviews on the last episode on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB are the lowest.
Game of Thrones' Kit Harington reacts to the backlash over the ending; Says critics can go f*** themselvesGame of Thrones' Kit Harington reacts to the backlash over the ending; Says critics can go f*** themselves
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Game of Thrones season 8 which was the finale of the iconic series was the most awaited one and the last episode was aired on Sunday but the same received a mixed response from the viewers. The reviews on the last episode on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB are the lowest and this is not all, a petition to remake season eight with "competent writers" is now talk of the town with 1.3 million signatures already on the same. And now Kit Harington who played the role of Jon Snow reacted over the negative reviews. In an interview with Esquire, Kit said that he is feeling quite defiant over the negative comments.

He said, "How I feel about the show right now is quite defiant. I think no matter what anyone thinks about this season — and I don't mean to sound mean about critics here — but whatever critic spends half an hour writing about this season and makes their judgment on it, in my head they can go f--- themselves. 'Cause I know how much work was put into this." He also added how people cared about the show and how much much pressure people took and how many sleepless nights people went as they cared about it.

Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark also defended the show. She told New York Times that she wasn't surprised by the backlash as she thinks people always have an idea on how they want the show to end. She said, "All of these petitions and things like that — I think it's disrespectful to the crew, and the writers, and the filmmakers who have worked tirelessly over 10 years, and for 11 months shooting the last season."

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Hempstead Wright, who played the role of Bran Stark, told The Hollywood Reporter that he found the petition absurd and ridiculous. What are your views on Kit's comeback? Let us know in the comment section below.


Cant believe there are losers who have a numbered list of demands to change the last two episodes. Even if that happened there would be an outrage mob not liking the revised ending. Just grow an imagination and then you can decide your favourite characters future yourselves.

This comment shows arrogance, with out audiences do you think GOT would reach this heights.
It’s only the urgency to close the episodes the final series was not well written and directed. One has accept it rather than defending it. There is always scope for improvement. If some has spent making it we have all spent time in watching it one has to respect each other.


Anonymous who was satisfied with the ending had it right, I think. The Hollywood Reporter in a 5/22 opinion said this, "Jon Snow, sent to live out his days at Castle Black, walks away from the Night's Watch and struts forth into the wild alongside the Free Folk."

So, just tell me a few things. Who was the 'prince who was promised' by the Lord of Light? Why did The Mountain put up a better fight than the Night King? Why did Cersei and Tyrion have almost no role at all this season compared to each one of the seven seasons? Why did Mellisandre kill herself? What was the message given by the Night King via little Umber's corpse? What was the use of revealing Jon's identity? The only character whose role got justice this season was Ser Jorah.

For Kit,

You have worked hard, agreed.
But S8 was majorly disappointing, 7 seasons of build up for this one, which felt like a damp squib.

Please find some humility in yourself for respecting the fans and their opinions.

If it were not for the fans, GOT would have been killed in the Pilot itself much like the Robert's Bastards.

You are in the entertainment business, learn to respect fans (people who pay your bosses to pay you). If not then atleast be smart enough to shut your trap when the wrong ideas come to your mind.

This season gave good amount of comic relief... last few episodes felt like Bollywood Masala. Hope Salman Khan makes a remake of this...

So they decided to hand over the throne and 6 kingdoms to one character in 2.5 minutes after 8 seasons. Wow.

No, No, No, Kit Harington! You are missing the point! The cast and crew were exquisitely superb in everything they did!!! Watching the actors, cinematography, special effects, etc. was this season’s saving grace. There were so many plot holes, it moved way too fast missing important details, and quality writing was omitted for time sake. That would not have happened in previous seasons. I would have loved this season if GRRM wouldn’t have given it up for adoption to D&D. It would have been nice if the 10 episodes GRRM and HBO wanted, could have been filmed. Or, maybe if D&D would have taken time and checked the quality and perfection with past seasons and episodes for quality control. It just wasn’t the same! Look at it this way. The thing that most people love about GOT are the characters, the complexity, attention to detail, plots, sub plots and excellent writing. It is a thrill watching an episode again because for sure you missed something, maybe you didn’t see some foreshadowing or, wow, I didn’t see that sinister look before, or just getting to know the character in detail, you were interested in that episode. But, this season wasn’t written like that. It was difficult to miss anything. The only reason to watch it again was for the extraordinary actors, special effects and cinematography. However, It did seem like there was a lot of foreshadowing in episode 6, which is definitely unfair. Finishing a show should leave some form of closure. I just have unrest, holes and instead of answers, more questions!!!! If nothing else you could always add on to this epic saga with a new season. It shouldn’t be the end!!!

Not very nice Kit.

This is TV folks, not brain surgery! Get a grip!

this is no disrespect to the actors but as a fan of the movie we just feel that you could have wrote A better ending it seemed to be rushed and stretched I must say I was very disappointed is almost like the movie or everything that happened in the movie was a waste of time

Movie? As a fan of the movie? What are you smoking buddy

Kit literally summed up the final season with one word: "Disappointing". This is on record.

We'll continue to defend the actors who got the shaft from horrible, nonsensical writing, even if they believe we can go **** ourselves. The cast deserved so much more. We know you worked so hard. It hurts my heart that evidence suggests the cast agrees with our disappointment, they just can't say it.

The showrunners were victims of the high standards they created in the first place. It was just too hard for them to maintain so the last episode fell short of the quality they established. None the less it is still one of the all time greatest television series.

1000 times better than the ending of Lost!

excellent point: Not everyone will be pleased w a finale. For example, I liked last episode of Lost. I thought it clever.

For every 1 tantrum thrower, there are 10 that either liked the ending, were okay with it, or, as an adult accepted we don't always get our way, and realized it was a television show. All these people need to stop feeling like they are entitled it have the right to be the way they are. It's the degradation of society.

I can live with where all the characters ended up in the series. The path in which we got there was definitely rushed and could have been much much better. The fans that have criticized are the fans that have put their heart and souls into this series. Of course we're going to react if we feel cheated. Come on guys, we love all the cast, but they can't tell me they're not disappointed. As for remaking it, no you had one chance and you f---Ed it up. It's really sad the time us fans spent over the last 10 years watching this show and they couldn't take the time to do it right at the end. Again, I love each one of these actors and was looking forward to watching their future work, but if they're going to tell me to fuck off then maybe I will.

I dont believe anyone has faulted the actors or crew. The complaint is with the writers on the story.

So many threads left dangling. So many knots tied where they make no sense.

Why so much talk of Jon's parents never to have it come out in the council

So much talk of prophecy of when Danny would have a kid only to never do it

So much talk of the prince that was promised only for it to be ayra

I was satisfied with the ending. Can you really see Jon sitting at the head of that table wrangling about funding ships vs. clean water vs. brothels?? (The perfect kind of job for Tyrion.) Jon had gathered an army to save the world then he had to save it again by killing his love. There was nothing left for him in the 6 kingdoms that he wanted, certainly not to be king. As I saw the ending, Jon had no intention of being a prisoner in Castle Black. He was heading out into the wild with his great friend, Turmond, and his wolf, to lead and live free with the free folk. Sounds good to me!
Bran will be a good king. He's detached from the political stuff - let Tyrion handle all that. He'll intervene with foresight when needed. In the meantime, he's looking for Drogon. If anything, I feel bad for Drogon. He is totally alone in the world now.

I’m so sure Drogon will find Jon in the future, he’s a Targaryen

You are right.

I loved it very well made.

I am not so sure, possibly in a few years we see the new chapter of game of thrones. The last dragon escaped with the death Queen? We are sure, remember John snow!!!plus his comment to his friend,hope I see you again, so until then we are a few years older and have slept well..

Authors are counseled by their agents and editors to heed constructive criticism, especially if it's reiterative because it suggests that there's a problem with the manuscript that needs addressing. Authors learn to divorce themselves from their work and take criticism as an opportunity for improvement. Yet the same professionalism and emotional detachment apparently isn't expected of others in the creative arts industries.

When the television show garners millions of like-minded complaints regarding pacing and narrative structure, it warrants a more emotionally intelligent response than "F-off." Yes? It suggests that there is a problem with the script.

His response baffles me. How do these actors intend to sustain a career if they can't withstand criticism that isn't even directed at themselves? That silly petition is more of a moral protest than a serious attempt to pressure HBO into remaking the series. Many of these critics have invested far more into this series than any of these actors. They've been following the series for over 20 years when the first novel was published in 1996! And what's more, they are footing the bill. HBO is able to pay these actors for their efforts and sacrifice because of their HBO subscribers. Without the fans there is no series. Period. Without the series, there is no celebrity Kit Harrington. Comprende? Seems rather unwise for a breakout actor to alienate such a large percentage of his fan base when he owes all of it to them to begin with. Other actors/actresses who have leveraged harsh opinions against their fans have paid dearly for it. I hope he and the other cast members consider that and learn to separate themselves from the criticism, because it isn't personal and it isn't even directed toward their contribution to the show.

Authors aren't usually writing a story while someone else wires the same story. Most of this backlash is predicted on the expectation that the end of the books will be more to their liking. No ending and no amount of time would have pleased most of these folks. Martin doesn't give two shits what his readers think and he is praised for it so most of your argument is moot.

So.... What about the other 10 million people that were okay with the ending??? We should definitely change a show because the minority of viewers decided to throw a tantrum?? Makes perfect sense.

The last 2 episodes were absolutely ridiculous and deeply disappointing. Cersi should have died facing her attacker, not hiding in a basement. The council meeting was deeply flawed. Tyrion, Sam, Sansa, Bran or Arya could have told Grey Worm the truth about Jon. We spent 8 seasons mulling over Jon's true lineage. He was the "prince who was promised". Givinf Bran the throne undermines the excellent story-line from previous seasons. I am terribly disappointed with the ending!

Kit or jon, go back to work and be the king. Why you accepted to low profile role in the end anyway? Fans wants you become the awaited and rightfull king as you deserve after all the battles you been through and hard work. You go back on the night watch order like a thief...which is unfair. And why they had to burn inocent mothers and children in the show?? For a 8 years long show, the ending it's a disaster..

It's not a diss of the actors, and all the crew, it's a imo a comment on how rushed and nonsensical the "writers" wrecked the season, you know nothing Jon Snow

Anyone who has not been engaged or entertained by all 8 seasons of GOT is free to write, produce and perform their OWN comprehensive fantasy series where everyone who views it will be in agreement with its ending. I found the show interesting, captivating and thought-provoking enough to start many expansive conversations. The writers serve the story, the audience may then take from the story what serves themselves.

Let the critics create their own show. Then they have total control on the end. Of course that will give chance to other armchair critics.

Huge effort doesnt guarantee huge quality...whole season was a rushed mess

“You know nothing John Snow”

The best part of the show is where the dragon melts down the iron throne and leaves with Danys' body to morn his loss ( or maybe revive her ) ... And also where Jon Snow is reunited with his pet dire wolf. They don't have to remake the episode. The chapter isn't finished. The writers gave everyone the ability to create there own ending.

The last 2 episodes are low quality story ..rushed to end episodes. HBO, go back to work and redo the last 2 episodes.
1. Cersei has to be punished by decapitation.
2. Jamie must survive.
3. No childrens or mother will be killed during the battle siege of the Iron Throne.
4.khalesi will survive and leave together with drogon..somwehere.
5.Jon Snow will be the best king of all the kingdoms.

Don't dissapoint the fans and everyone else.
Redo the show. The director who planned the last 2 episode is sick, has no common sense.

Ending was awesome leaves things open. If you didn’t like the ending read the books. These guys worked so hard on this and people are tearing it down.

Erm the books aren't finished......

Ending was so ridiculos.
Jon kill a women with a knife, like a common thief. Cersei get away of society justice, like she had to share the same fate of mothers and childrens killed by drogon. The ending is so cheap and made in a hurry to end the show quickly. A 5 year school boy will writte a better ending. Do all a favor and remake the last 2 episode.

Kit you said it well
Thank you all for coming into my life your hard woork and dedication
I will miss you all
Remember next time you look into any camera you are appreciated thank you and love
To all on Games not mentioned the crew
Without you the actors would not be successful
Kit my best to your future and personal life

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