Game of Thrones season 4 recap: A game-changer for everyone

The fourth season of the amazing show game of thrones was full of shocking deaths and game changing events. As the last season is approaching, here is a quick revision for you about season 4.
Game of Thrones,HollywoodGame of Thrones season 4 recap: A game-changer for everyone
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The final season of the legendary show Game of Thrones will premiere on HBO on April 15. The fans have been waiting for this season for more than a year now. You can look out if you remember the older seasons or not. Here is a summary of all the events and deaths that took place in season 4 of the series. This season was one hell of a roller coaster ride. A lot of even don't turn up as expected. Firstly, the evil king Joffrey gets killed with poison in his wedding ceremony with Margery Tyrell. The event is popularly known as the purple wedding. Later on, it was revealed that it was that Olenna Tyrell who poisoned him but the blame goes on his uncle Tyrion Lannister. While Brienne of Tarth and The Hound enter into a dangerous over the custody of Arya Stark. Brienne proves herself, but Arya escapes and goes on a ship to Braavos.
The most controversial and questionable scene of this season was when Cersei gets raped by his own brother Jamie Lannister. He forces her as she says no, beside the corpse of their own son Joffrey. On the other hand, Theon Greyjoy tries to start a rebellion and claim Winterfell. However, he gets tortured physically and psychologically by the Bastard of Bolton, Ramsay. Ramsay makes him believe that he is 'Reek' and not Theon from now on. In fact, his sister Yara tries to save him but Greyjoy insists to stay at Dreadfort as he is highly influenced and scared. Sansa Stark escapes King’s Landing with Lord Baelish (Littlefinger) to go and live safely with her aunt, Lysa Arryn. As Baelish tries to give special attention to Sansa, Lysa, the newlywed wife of Littlefinger gets jealous and tries to kill her niece by throwing her down the moon door. But, the tables turn when Peter pushes Lysa and she dies as he has some other plan in mind. 
On the other hand, Daenerys can now have faith in only a few as her most trustworthy supporter Ser Jorah betrays her. He is found guilty of spying for King's Landing and gets promptly exiled from Meereen as the Khaleesi becomes stone hearted day by day. In Westeros, Tyrion 'the imp' also faces betrayal as Shae, the woman he loves breaks his trust. He gets wrongly accused of killing King Joffrey and Shae gives a false statement at his hearing. In the end, he chooses to go for trial by combat. His champion, Oberynn Martell, gets defeated and his eyes are gouged out and his skull is crushed by The Mountain. Tyrion runs away from King's Landing after completing one pending task. He visits his dad Tywin Lannister's chambers and murders him in the toilet with a crossbow. Jon Snow is in deep shock and sadness as his one and only love Ygritte dies in his own arms. 

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