Game of Thrones season 6 recap: Sansa Stark saves the Battle of Bastards

Season 6 of Game of Thrones includes one of the most important battles- 'The battle of Bastards'. Here is a quick recap of the sixth season so that it's easier to watch the upcoming final season. *SPOILER ALERT*
Game of Thrones,HollywoodGame of Thrones season 6 recap: Sansa Stark saves the Battle of Bastards
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At the end of season 5 of Game of Thrones, it was concluded that Jon Snow is dead, Arya was blind, Daenerys was a prisoner of the Dothraki and Cersei had only one child left alive. In the beginning of season 6, Jon Snow is still lying dead, while Melisandre and Ser Davos, who were Stannis Baratheon's supporters before his defeat come and meet Snow. Ser Davos begs Melisandre to use her powers and bring Jon back to life. In this season, the red woman reveals her real look and age. Cersei is ready to take revenge from The Faith of the Seven, which was a radical religious group in the Seven Kingdoms, led by the High Sparrow. They imprisoned her and made her do the walk of Atonement terming everything as a 'punishment' of her sins. As her son Tommen Baratheon is sitting on the Iron Throne now, she knows that it's the right chance for her. Poor Margaery's wedding ceremony stays incomplete due to the death of Joffrey Baratheon, she helplessly becomes King Tommen's queen.

Before getting sentenced in the Great sept of baelor, Cersei had a chance on her day of justice. Therefore, she had planted Wildfire in the building’s cellar, which blows up High Sparrow, Margaery, and many other enemies to her reign. This cruel step took her own son's life as Tommen couldn't take the shock and sadness of his wife's deathand he jumps out of his bedroom's windowOne of the most important events of this season was the 'Battle if Bastards'. In this war, Jon Snow and his army fights the Boltons to take over Winterfell. Jon Snow and Ramsay faced off on the battlefield, with Ramsay letting Rickon run towards his brother. However, just a second before Rickon meets his brother, Ramsay puts an arrow through the little kid. As the two forces collide for a fight, Jon Snow finds that his army is on the losing end.

However, Sansa comes to her brother's rescue. She arrives with an army of her own and father's Ramsay’s army from behind, capturing him in the war. The Starks win the battle take control over their birthplace Winterfell where Sansa gives evil Ramsay what he actually deserves. She leaves him in his own blood's pool being ripped and eaten off by hungry dogs. On the other hand, after building a huge and strong army, and with her dragons ready to fight, Daenerys finally heard towards Westeros. Daenerys was successful in blowing up the Temple of Dosh Khaleen where she was being held. And the Dothraki who believed in her bent the knee. Daenerys orders Daario Naharis, who is also her love interest to stay in Slaver’s Bay to keep the peace while she flies away to Westeros. And, Tyrion Lannister becomes the hand of the queen swearing to be loyal to her.


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