Game of Thrones Season 8: 5 things you may have failed to notice in the first episode of the season premier

Game of Thrones finally returned with its eight and the final season with the first episode shattering all the records. While fans still cannot get over the magnificence of the first episode, we bring to you the details you may have failed to notice on the season premier.
Game of Thrones Season 8: 5 things you may have failed to notice in the first episode of the season premierGame of Thrones Season 8: 5 things you may have failed to notice in the first episode of the season premier
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The moment for which the entire Game of Thrones fandom were waiting for with bated breath is finally here. Game of Thrones has finally returned with its final season and the first episode was inevitably received with a thunderous response. So many teary eyed reunions and confrontations that fans were clearly left with wanting more after the very first episode. But here’s some 5 things which you may have failed to notice from the first episode and which may play a greater role in the further episodes to come. Check them out:

  1. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen may come at loggerheads after the revelation of Jon’s parentage

Jon Snow has finally come face to face with his real parentage which was a huge moment in the show as Samwell Tarly goes on to tell him that he is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen which makes him Aegon Targaryen, the real heir to the Iron Throne. It is not a hidden fact that Jon has pledged his allegiance to Daenerys but Sam urges him take up his role as the King of the Seven Kingdoms when he tells, “You have given up your crown for the people, would she?” and so it will be interesting to see whether Jon and Dany will come at the two opposite side of the poles when they both become equal contenders to the throne.

   2. Cersei Lanniser’s revenge served cold

It was seen in the first episode that Qyburn assigns Bronn on behalf of Cersei to kill her brothers Tyrion and Jaime. But what was interesting to see that Qyburn specifically gives Bronn a crossbow to assassinate the Lannister brothers which happens to be the same weapon with which Tyrion had killed his father Tywin Lannister in Season 4. As Qyburn mentions in the scene that Cersei has her sense of “poetic justice”, this surely is her ultimate way to take revenge on her brothers who betrayed her.

    3. Sansa Stark has some major trust issues

Sansa has survived many tribulations over the seasons on the show which has transformed her from a naïve girl to a strong calculative woman. The first episode saw her in some difference of opinions with Jon and Dany which clearly proves that Sansa’s experiences have taught her to not trust anyone quickly. She also mocks Tyrion when he believes that Cersei will send her army to Winterfell in their aid. She tells him, “I thought you are the cleverest man alive” on this moment and it will be interesting to see how her skeptical attitude will shape up in the further episodes.

    4. Arya Stark’s new weapon has a motive

Arya could be seen asking Gendry to forge a new weapon for her. The weapon in question was a unique kind which was constructed of both Dragonglass and Valerian Steel and seems like Arya clearly wants to hone up her assassination skills with this new weapon kind of weapon. It is not a hidden fact that Dragonglass can be used to destroy the White Walkers so such a weapon may clearly aid her with the fight against the Army of the Dead.

   5. Bran Stark has upgraded his warging skills

It is well known that Bran Stark aka The Three Eyed Raven can warg into living beings and has some super intensified visions which has enabled him to know almost every single incident of grave importance in the Seven Kingdoms. Bran clearly decoded Jon Snow’s real parentage some time back and it seems like he was clearly trying to give some sign to him hinting about who he really is. Remember how one of Daenery’s dragons was staring at Jon Snow in an intense manner when he was kissing Daenerys? Though the scene may have felt funny at that moment, it may be interesting to think that it may have been Bran who had warged inside the dragon at that moment and he must have been trying to warn Jon Snow about his real identity and that he is unknowingly performing incest with his own aunt.

Do you agree with our list? Shoot up with your theories on the comments section.

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