Game of thrones season 8: Check out when, where and how to watch Game of Thrones in India; View details

The viewers are often confused between the time difference and the showcasing of web series according to their timings. Therefore, here is a short guide through as to when and where to watch the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones.
Game of Thrones,HollywoodGame of thrones season 8: Check out when, where and how to watch Game of Thrones in India; View details
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April is going to be roller coaster ride for all the Game of Thrones and Marvel universe fans. With the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones and Avengers Endgame releasing in the same month, fanatics are really eager as to what will happen. The official page of Game of Thrones has been doing a countdown till the first episode of eighth season releases as number of sleeps to go. It clearly indicates that this upcoming season is going to be an ultimate one, which will make your sleep fly away. Many posters and teasers from the last season have been dropped by HBO till now. 
However, it's sad that the upcoming season will only be having 6 episodes while all the previous ones had 10 episodes each. The first two will be 60 minutes long, the 2nd and 3rd episodes will be 80 minutes each and the final two episodes will be 90 minutes long. The trailer of Season 8 was released on March 5 and the fans couldn't keep quiet. There was a buzz all over the internet as the people were going crazy. Many viewers started building up theories to see whether their favourite character sits on the Iron Throne or not. The show premieres April 14th on Sunday night on HBO, which implies that the viewers in India will get to watch the episodes on Hotstar Premium on Monday (April 15) at 7 am. 
The viewers need to be alert towards all the spoilers and the websites uploading pirated content. Like every time, a lot of sites will try to lure you into their leaked episodes. So, just be ready with popcorn and coke in your hand to enjoy everyone's favourite legendary series. After innumerable speculations and theories, let's see who gets to rule the seven kingdoms at the end. 

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