Game of Thrones Season 8: Daenerys Targaryen to Jon Snow: 5 picks for the Iron Throne

We are a week away from finding out as to who will win the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones' final episode, ever! From Daenerys Targaryen to Jon Snow, here are our 5 picks for the Iron Throne.
Daenerys Targaryen defeated Cersei Lannister in the Last War on Game of Thrones. Daenerys Targaryen defeated Cersei Lannister in the Last War on Game of Thrones.
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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 is going to be extremely bittersweet for GOT fans as we will have to say goodbye to our favourite characters. However, after nearly a decade, we will be finding out the answer to the priceless question - who wins the coveted Iron Throne and rules the seven kingdoms. For many seasons, the obvious picks were Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. However, season 8 has been so unpredictable that anything is possible. And, we mean anything. 

Take episode 5 for example; who would have though Daenerys Targaryen would lay fire to not just Cersei Lannister but to the whole of King's Landing. No one was spared, neither the guards nor the common folk. Tyrion Lannister, Jon and Arya Stark were stunned to silence as they saw Khaleesi turn into the Mad Queen. You know someone has turned to the dark side when you were hoping for Cersei and Jaime Lannister to survive the Last War. However, that was not the case.

With Cersei and Jaime out of the picture, here are our 5 picks for the Iron Throne:

Sansa Stark

Courtesy: HBO

In season 1, if someone would have guessed that Sansa Stark could be the most eligible to win the Iron Throne, we would not have believed them. But, we have not witnessed a stronger character than Sansa, in Game of Thrones, who has lived through a Ramsay Bolton as well as a Littlefinger. After the Last War, Sansa is the safest option for a peaceful world.

Jon Snow

Courtesy: HBO

Disregarding Jon Snow's season 8 arc, for 7 seasons, Jon Snow has shown us why he is the true heir to the Iron Throne. His good nature interspersed with his fighting skills makes him the perfect candidate. Too bad, Aegon Targaryen wants no part of the Iron Throne.

Daenerys Targaryen

Courtesy: HBO

Defeating her mortal enemy, Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen has finally fulfilled her lifelong dream; to rule the seven kingdoms. However, she may find some enemies from home base as Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow and Arya Stark were devastated by her actions during the Last War. 

Tyrion Lannister

Courtesy: HBO

This pick seems highly unlikely, but hear us out! For seasons after seasons, Tyrion has escaped and even come on top thanks to his intellect and unwillingness to die. With a heart of gold yet a political mind, Tyrion could very well do the unthinkable and commit treason on Queen Dany to rule the seven kingdoms himself.

Arya Stark

Courtesy: HBO

After killing The Night King in the most badass way possible, Arya Stark's next target could be the Khaleesi herself. How awesome would it be for Arya to claim the Iron Throne as her own?

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Who do you think will win the Game of Thrones? Let us know your views in the comments section below.


Wtf was that ending for Cersei? Seriously GOT?! Is that how she dies?! Falling rocks??!!

If that is what one dragon could do the show should have ended long much for golden army! No fight scenes nothing. Worst episode

To all the people saying the season has been great and stop being crybabies - you guys obviously don’t understand story arc and characterization. Dany was primarily shown in a positive light. All that talk about taking what’s mine with fire and blood was celebrated as being a strong woman character. No one back then ever said Dany is mad. Ned and Robb also executed traitors so why is Dany wrong in executing the Tarlys. Her turning negative was rushed. People felt very disconnected to the mad Dany. Because there needs to be a more solid story arc for some one who rescued thousands of slaves to be burning thousands of innocents. What I don’t understand is the hatred Sansa and Arya have for Dany right from the beginning. Let’s not forget, she and her army are the reason they are all alive. Arya wouldn’t have gotten past everybody had dany’s Army not killed half of the wights. Lazy writing no matter how much a few of you shout from the top of your voices that this is perfect. D&D should have taken HBO’s offer for a full fledged 10 episode final season to justify the ending.

There is no longer an iron throne If it's not it will be destroyed. The 7 kingdoms reward themselves as they did before the tigarians came in the first place.

Dany will execute Tyrion for betraying her. Jon will attempt to intervene. Arya will kill Dany and Sansa will take the throne.

Gendry Baratheon will be on the iron throne by end. With Arya as his queen.

You want unpredictable? Remember that Dany restored Gendry' name ( Baratheon) and made him a lord. He's actually next in line.

It should be the 7 kingdoms rule theirselves just like it was before the Targaryens came over . No one person should rule.

Gendry. You're welcome.

You want unpredictable? Don't forget that Dany restored Gendry as a Baratheon. He's next in line.

Everyone knows brans going to be king from spoilers

It's brann. This is the pious is shit we're getting.

There is also a chance that with Dany naming Gendry a true Baratheon he could marry Arya and They rule Westeros together.

I think John will be the king in the north and Dany will rule the rest of Westeros, then they can just keep their borders. Like the Kingdom of France and the Kingdom of England were historically developed. I think that George R.R. Martin could work with that for his books to continue!

Personally, my preference was for Cersei and Daenerys to kill each other. Now I'm hoping for anyone else to take the throne - what's left of it. Maybe Sansa Stark? She seems to be the most level-headed of the contenders. Question is, will Jon be the one to finally kill Daenerys?

Jon kills Dany. Drogon flies away with the corpse. Jon is exiled to the North.
Sansa rules north. Bran is "elected" king of 7 kingdom. Tyrion and Davos advisors.

Bran gets elected King after Jon kills Dany. Davos Sam Bronn all on small council. Tyrion goes on trial. Dont know how he will survive another one. Bran has flashback of Tyrion saying he would never bet against a Lannister. 1. He dies 2. He ends up on small council 3. He is also allowed to take the black with jon. Who will become 1000th lord commander of NW. Sansa keeps the north. Dornes prince will be at trial. So will Robin arryn. Idk about gendry. Yara shows up. An episode late.

Arya will kill Dany. Jon will once again sacrifice his own desires for the greater good and step up to rule as King of the 6 Kingdoms. Winterfell will be an independent kingdom and Sansa will be Queen of the North.

Bronn waits for everyone to kill each other and claims the iron throne.

I would have hoped that D&D were torched at kings landing so we don't have a crappy ending lol

Should they have included one more season, It could have worked out well...

Daenerys dies.
Then Jon will order Drogon to burn the iron throne - no throne., no rulers

You said it, the worst possible outcome for this season 8. Too hyped up for the final season and ended up disappointed

I think Bran may have a secret about Tyrion. I think he could be Targaryen and he may actually be the true heir. Wouldn’t that be a twist we were not expecting! I would want it to be John, or Arya, but that would be too predicable.

Maybe but it is too late to introduce a big secret like that.

Tyrion can't be king, even if his father was Aerys Targaryen he would be a bastard and precluded from the throne. John is going to stab Dany through the heart, his sword will become light bringer, and he will be revealed as Azor Ahai Aegon Targaryen, the one true king.

The Iron throne is gone. King's landing is rubble. Dany was always the baddie. She literally traveled with bloodthirsty savages and mindless killing machines. She burned alive anyone who questioned her unless an advisor could convince her otherwise.

Tyrion was never that smart, he was just the smartest Lannister (outside Tywin who was just too arrogant).

Jon or Arya is going to kill Dany, and I think there is a good chance her general - Greywyrm and Hand Tyrion get executed by Sansa for war crimes.

Jon will probably get exiled to the true north out of mercy.

Sansa will rule the North, Yara and the Iron Fleet will be the standing defenders of the 7 kingdoms, who are managed by the remaining Lords as an oligarchy.

I think Arya will kill Dany and Jon will bend the knee to Sansa. This is when Dany tries to kill Sansa. Where is the guy with the bow? How will he fit in at the end, if at all.

Totally disappointed on this season. GOT rocked it for 8 seasons and then they deliver nothing but pure shit for the final season. Worst ending to a series EVER!!!!

You are the disappointment.

This is the dumbest comment ever . The season has been amazing and they made us feel bad about Cercei. That alone stands on it's head. You knew all of this was going to happen from the last 7 seasons of foreshadowing and prophecy visions. What were you expecting? Complete story turn?! Go ahead and say the argument that it's being rushed. Of course it feels rushed this is the "Endgame". Sounds like a typical crybaby when any season of a show ends and find any reason to be mad about it. I'm sure if there was a Season 9 you wouldn't be complains right now. Pfffft.

Why on earth would anyone feel bad for Cercei. I rolled my eyes through all her tears. Episode 5 was incredibly lame. The ending was non sensicle Why spend all these years developing and evolving characters only to make them go against the very fabric and Fibre of their growth & evolution. And then make them do things that seem out of the blue, when GOT has prided themselves in taking us on a journey, which makes us understand how and why a character makes certain decisions. With episode 5 I felt like missed an entire season.

Bran gets elected King after Jon kills Dany.


I can not imagine anyone hoping Cersei would survive.....
I think no one will get the iron throne. I believe Daenerys will ultimately succeed at “breaking the wheel” and everyone will become independent.

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