Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is clearly FED UP with the viral #BottleCapChallenge; Watch

While the world goes gaga over the #BottleCapChallenge, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is not interested in jumping onto this viral bandwagon. The actress took to Instagram and asked people to "stop this."
Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is clearly FED UP with the viral #BottleCapChallenge; WatchGame of Thrones star Sophie Turner is clearly FED UP with the viral #BottleCapChallenge; Watch
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She might be on her honeymoon but Sophie Turner hasn't completely cut off from the world. The Game of Thrones actress recently tied the knot to the Jonas Brothers band member Joe Jonas. The couple had a fairytale wedding in France, in the presence of their families and friends. Soon after, the newly married jetted off for their honeymoon. While they are busy with their vacay, doesn't mean Sophie isn't aware of the happenings on the internet. The X-Men: Dark Phoenix star has been keeping a tab of the trends online. And she has made it clear that she isn't happy about a certain viral trend that has broken the internet. 

Unless you've been living under a rock, you would have definitely come across at least one of the many viral videos from the ongoing #BottleCapChallenge. For the unversed, the world is kissing goodbye to the traditional medium of unscrewing a bottle cap and spinning off the cap with their leg. From Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner to Ryan Reynolds and Mariah Carey, the who's who of Hollywood have tried their hand (or leg) on the challenge. 

When Sophie took to Instagram a few hours ago to share a video of herself and a bottle in front of her, it seemed like she was going to give the challenge a shot. However, she stunned everyone when she ended up unscrewing the wine bottle with her hand as any normal person would. “Stop this,” she says. “Now," she adds. It seems like Joe was helping her film it. She shared the video with the caption: "I look terrible but someone's gotta do it." 

Check out the video below: 



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What do you think about the viral #BottleCapChallenge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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