Gemini Man Movie Review: A cluttered and feeble script dulls Will Smith's earnest twin performance

Gemini Man Review: While Gemini Man is an ambitious project with incredible potential, it's shoddy and predictable script along with the ill-usage of high frame rate dampens the mood. Even two Will Smith's can't save Gemini Man.
Gemini Man is slated to release in India on October 11, 2019.Gemini Man is slated to release in India on October 11, 2019.
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Gemini Man

Gemini Man Cast: Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen, Benedict Wong

Gemini Man Director: Ang Lee

Gemini Man Stars: 2.5/5

It's been some time since we last saw Will Smith in an action avatar while also craving for an Ang Lee spectacle show. We did get the deadly combo with Gemini Man, however, the results are anything but magical! While the ambition was at its peak in the film, too many cooks killed the broth and even a twin-tastic performance by Smith couldn't save the extremely shoddy storyline.

Gemini Man is inspired by the age-old sci-fi genre mandate - Cloning! Will plays Henry Brogan, a 51-year-old skilled assassin on the verge of retirement. However, when he finds out that the organisation he works for is corrupt and used his expertise as a scapegoat to kill an innocent man, it's a race against time for the 'targetted' hitman and more likely, himself! Henry is left baffled when he finds out that the man sent to kill him, by the bad guy and bossman Varris (Clive Owen), looks an awful lot like his younger self. In fact, it is a younger clone of himself! But Henry is not alone in his radical worldwide adventure. Along with him is DIA agent Danny Zakarweski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and pilot Baron (Benedict Wong), who aide him in his mission to beat up the villains.

In all fairness, Will gives an extremely earnest performance as both Henry and the younger Junior while the de-aging technology has mostly been fruitful to witness in the two-hour duration of the film. Both characters have a sense of similarity, given that they are the same person, but the voice modulation and mannerisms of an adult and a youngster, has been brought to life by the versatile Mr. Fresh Prince. It's the confrontation action sequences between Brogan and Junior that really get the ball rolling and leaves you astonished with how advanced technology has really gotten! Winstead has her share of action sequences but is still pushed aside as a second fiddle while the men have all the fun. On the other hand, Wong is the comedic delight in what should have been bestowed upon Smith, given his history with comedy. You feel remorseful for Owen, whose one-dimensional villain is a serious snoozefest.



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Similar to Game of Thrones Season 8, the cast is not to be blamed for what leads to Gemini Man's failure. It's the shoddy script and atypical dialogues that leave you with a cringey feeling. The screenplay by David Benioff (Yes, him!), Billy Ray and Darren Lemke is anything but unpredictable. It's very anticlimactic. We're taken from Belgium to Budapest to Georgia with the convenience of a readily available jet and stereotypical heroes and villains that slither away and rob the cast of their talents. What also doesn't help is that Ang Lee's over-ambitious route with bringing realism through the manipulation of high frame rate blurs the suspension of disbelief and pours focus on the flaws of Gemini Man. Even the crisp usage of de-aging feels a bit put off at times. Though certain action sequences were cleverly choreographed, the theatre audience is robbed of the cinematic pleasure which felt more as though we were at home watching on television instead. One action scene in particular which saw Henry and Junior chase each other in motorbikes, replicated the Winter Soldier and Black Panther chase sequence in Captain America: Civil War. The only difference is that in Gemini Man, you witness it as a fake, made-up sequence. The video game format of shooting these action scenes feels transformative, up to a certain point, but eventually, you are burned down.

The overdramatic background score, that comes straight out of some daily soap is sappy at best, and does nothing to distract you from the OTP lines about self-worth and doing what's right!

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Gemini Man has been in the works for 20 odd years with several big names like Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the running. Even directors like Tony Scott and Curtis Hanson were almost associated with the project. Back then, the technology was not developed enough for this ambitious project but today, with movies like Captain America: Civil War and The Irishman successfully using the de-aging technology, Ang Lee could have created a masterpiece that is expected off of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Life of Pi director. But what a wasted opportunity!

Sadly, even two Will Smith's can't save Gemini Man!

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