Gerard Butler: I don't watch Ryan Reynolds' movies, don't know what Free Guy is

Updated on Sep 22, 2021 01:37 AM IST  |  111.7K
Gerard Butler doesn’t know about Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy.
Gerard Butler doesn’t watch Ryan Reynolds’ movies.

Gerard Butler has recently revealed that he isn’t the biggest fan of Ryan Reynolds, who has just released a brand new movie, Free Guy. During an interview with UNILAD, via People, the actor admitted to not having heard of Reynolds’ new movie which has been compared by fans to his 2009 movie Gamer.

Speaking of the sci-fi movie, Butler opened up on his expectations about the same. “I was hoping it was of the time, that people would get it. I thought it was genius,” The Ugly Truth actor told UNILAD, via People. He admitted that the movie couldn’t do great at the Box Office, however, he made sure to point out that it had become a ‘cult classic.’

While addressing the comparisons fans have been making on social media platforms between Free Guy and Butler’s Gamer, Gerard said that he has never heard of Free Guy. “I actually don’t know what Free Guy is,” he said, after which actress Alexis Louder told him that it was Reynolds’ new movie.

After knowing what exactly Free Guy is, Butler revealed another fact that might have shocked Reynolds’ fans. “Oh s**t is it," he said. "I don't watch Ryan Reynolds movies,” Butler revealed.

In other news, after a lot of delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reynolds’ Free Guy was finally released for fans in India on September 17. Reynolds has also teased a potential sequel of the movie, as Free Guy has done exceptionally well globally with a USD 51 million on the opening weekend worldwide.

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