Gigi Hadid is a BIG fan of ex boyfriend Zayn Malik's Aladdin song A Whole New World

Gigi Hadid took to Instagram to send some love to ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik on his new song, A Whole New World. The recreated version of the iconic romantic song is a part of the Aladdin soundtrack.
Gigi Hadid is impressed by Zayn Malik's new track, A Whole New World, from the Aladdin soundtrack.Gigi Hadid is impressed by Zayn Malik's new track, A Whole New World, from the Aladdin soundtrack.
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Zayn Malik was in the headlines yesterday as his single from the Aladdin soundtrack was out. Along with Zhavia Ward, Zayn was nothing short of a Prince Charming as he recreated a savvy version of A Whole New World. The legendary romantic track was given a new spin courtesy of Zayn and Zhavia's terrific vocals. Everyone is swooning over the Pillowtalk singer, who has hit a sixer with his latest track. His number 1 fan is none other than his mother, Trisha Malik.

Trisha took to Instagram to support her darling son and wrote, "Love, love love this, it’s truly amazayn whoooo." One thing that fans noticed was a specific liker! It was none other than Zayn's ex-girlfriend and supermodel Gigi Hadid who liked Trisha's Instagram post. Similarly, Gigi also liked Zayn's Instagram post which shared a snippet from the song with Zayn roaming around Central Park. When they were dating, Gigi would go all out to promote Zayn's work but now, even a 'like' has extra meaning.




Love ,love love this ,it’s truly amazayn whoooo

A post shared by Trisha Malik (@trishamalik1069) on



“A Whole New World” Out Now! #Aladdin

A post shared by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on

Check out Zayn's A Whole New World music video below:

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Meanwhile, recently, Zayn lashed out at Gigi Hadid haters on Twitter and tweeted, "She is the most amazing woman I’ve ever known. And does nothing but love and support me when lord knows I don’t deserve it. So if you have anything to say @ me and I’ll put you the f**k straight. If you know nothing shut your f*****g mouth."

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