Gigi Hadid shares baby ZiGi's outfit for her 'Oma's' birthday; Zayn Malik's ladylove hints being a tea person?

Gigi Hadid is already prepping baby ZiGi for Yolanda Hadid's birthday. She revealed the outfit the munchkin would wear on the occasion.
Gigi Hadid shares baby ZiGi's outfit for her 'Oma's' birthday; Zayn Malik's ladylove hints being a tea person?
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Our attention has been on Gigi Hadid's Instagram activity lately. The supermodel, who welcomed her daughter with Zayn Malik last year, has us tapping on her Instagram Stories for numerous reasons. Just last week, she left everyone talking when she shared videos of reviewing a granola bar. She then left ZiGi fans grinning when she showed her support to Zayn's latest release Vibez. The model has yet again left everyone talking when she posted a picture of an adorable pink and white ensemble gifted to her daughter. 

Gigi revealed that the outfit was from the house of Fendi and she had already decided when her little princess would wear the outfit. "She's going to wear it for her Oma's bday," Gigi announced before she thanked Silvia Venturini Fendi. The Oma mentioned in the caption refers to Yolanda Hadid. Yolanda celebrates her 57th birthday on January 11. 

Check out the photo below: 

While we hope to be treated with a photo of the munchkin in the cute ensemble, we found ourselves trying to decode a picture Gigi shared before revealing baby ZiGi's new outfit. Gigi shared a picture of a mug, with the words "girl mom" inscribed on it, with a drink filled it in. Although the filter used impacted the colour of the drink, we think Gigi was sipping on some tea as she was getting her morning routine in place. The possibility of the beverage being tea is due to its texture. While we debated that it could Tumeric Latte, the bubbling of the drink (if you look closely at the picture) hints at tea rather than the latter. She shared the picture with the caption, "mornin". The drink was placed beside a feeding bottle. Check out the photo below: 

What do you think, did Gigi hint she prefers tea in the morning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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