Gossip Girl Ep 2 Takeaways: Julien, Zoya & Obie CAUGHT in a love triangle; Max indulges in multiple pursuits

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Julien is stuck in a 'rock and hard place' when it comes to her half-sister Zoya in Gossip Girl Ep 2.

Gossip Girl is back with Episode 2 and it couldn't get hotter! The topic of the hour was love triangles as bickering half-sisters Julien (Jordan Alexander) and Zoya (Whitney Peak) find themselves tangled in one with Obie (Eli Brown). Thanks to her own insecurities mixed with Luna (Zión Moreno) and Monet's (Savannah Lee Smith) devilish though wildly entertaining antics, Julien tries to split the blossoming romance in the works and win back Obie's heart.

On the other hand, the other power couple Audrey (Emily Alyn Lund) and Aki (Evan Mock) find their attraction towards Max (Thomas Doherty) to reach individual fruition while the resident playboy also has his eyes set on his teacher Rafa (Jason Gotay). In between their toxic love lives, we have the teachers, led by Kate Keller, continuing to wreak havoc as Gossip Girl. However, Julian almost makes their increasing rep non-existent with a simple tweet. It's definitely a chaotic, messy world for UESiders!

Here are five takeaways from Gossip Girl Ep 2:

Julien, Zoya and Obie's love triangle

Julien's 'influence' comes under fire as her Instagram followers wonder why she's not seen in public with Obie. Julien is made to realise the social media love directed at her wasn't strictly for her but her and Obie as a couple. While Julien tries to patch things up with Obie, the latter makes it crystal clear that's it's not a 'break' between them but a 'breakup'.

It really doesn't help the matter when Obie immediately vies for Zoya's affection, who is reluctant at first but quickly caves in, even going on a date together. A frustrated Julien, thanks to her own self-doubts and Luna and Monet's constant jabs, tries to "ground" Zoya "until 2026" by letting the latter's father Nicholas (Jonathan Fernandez) know about how Zoya skipped the fundraiser to go on an art supplies store date with Obie. However, Julien's guilty conscience plays a big role and eventually, she gives her blessings to Zoya and Obie, knowing that she couldn't be there for her ex-boyfriend like Zoya currently is. However, if Julien will keep up with the farce of being okay, we'll have to wait and watch.

Max indulges in a 'three's a company' situation

Besides relentlessly pursuing his teacher Rafa, who is intrigued but doesn't mess with students apparently, Max indulges in two different steamy rendezvous with Aki and Audrey, who happen to have troubles of their own in their relationship. The twosome asks the playboy to keep their respective escapades mum from the other. It'll definitely be interesting to see how this criss-cross equation works out when the truth is unveiled, by GG, perhaps?

Gossip Girl's cred comes into questioning

After waiting it out to receive solid evidence for her next GG post, Kate is sent a concrete tip, a photo of Zoya (who is grounded by her dad) and Obie chatting outside her building and she posts the same. However, Julien rains on her parade by sharing a throwback pic with Obie stating that the two were together at a party and that GG was lying, even though she technically wasn't. Hence, GG's IG followers see a terrible drop and she's branded as a scamster. However, in a desperate plea to break up Obie and Zoya, Julien has a juicy proposal for GG, promising to help her get more cred if she gets some controversial dirt on Zoya. After a heart-to-heart, Kate finds out that something big happened at Zoya's previous school which prompted her to come to Constance instead. Eventually, Julien decides against using the evidence, having a change of heart.

Even during the showdown outside the art supplies store between Julien, Zoya and Obie with Nicholas and Julien's father Davis (Luke Kirby), while Kate takes pictures of it, she decides to delete them instead. On a bright note, thanks to Julien's assistance, including an apology on Twitter, GG is now a verified IG account. In return, Julien stated to GG that Zoya's past school 'secret' video can't be unveiled by either of them. *Ahem! Serena Season 1 flashbacks! Ahem!*

Julien and Zoya make up but for how long?

While Obie is the bone of contention between the sisters, Julien eventually realises that Zoya is not a bad person, who is perfect for her ex, and that the two can actually get along. After standing up to both their fathers outside the art supplies store and a candid chat with her own dad, Julien decides to wave the white flag with Zoya and convinces her not to drop out of school. As a truce, she even gives her reluctant blessings to Zoya and Obie. How long the sibling love will last is something to look forward to. The closing shot of a seated Obie, along with Audrey, Max and Aki watching (and vice versa!) Zoya and Obie walking past, while at school, is a dramatic 'guilty pleasure' GG sequence at its finest.

Parents are messier than their own kids

While Julien and Zoya's fathers Nicholas and Davis finally collide at the fundraiser, what's creepy is the romantic inclination between Nicholas and Kate, especially with the fact that Kate just happens to be Gossip Girl, who almost ruined his daughter's academic life.

On the other hand, Audrey's mother Kiki (Laura Benanti) has issues of her own as she's trying to persevere through her husband's affair with his secretary, a dear friend of hers. A drunk Kiki makes a big scene at the fundraiser which leads to an argument between Audrey and Aki. Aki thinks there's more to her mother's problems than what meets the eye while Audrey just wants her boyfriend to be on her side rather than be rationale. Eventually, Audrey finds out that Kiki's fashion line is sinking after her divorce, having had to sell another factory. There's also a cute moment where Aki surprises Audrey with flowers at school before they're joined by Mr. Wolfe, who's on a constant prowl.

Things are indeed getting spicier and steamier in Gossip Girl! XOXO!

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