Gossip Girl Ep 4 Takeaways: Zoya's birthday a SCANDALOUS disaster due to Julien war; Max's desire FULFILLED

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Gossip Girl Ep 4 dropped on July 29
Audrey and Aki also finally address the 'elephant' in their complicated relationship.

*SPOILERS ALERT* Good evening, Pinkvilla peeps! It's that time of the week to get you acquainted with the fabulous but mostly scandalous lives of the Upper East Siders. While GG's third episode had us squealing with the big name-drops like Priyanka Chopra, Jonas Brothers and Brangelina, Gossip Girl Ep 4 centred on Zoya's (Whitney Peak) 'Sweet 15'. Unfortunately, everyone except Zoya is excited for her special day because it's also the same day as her mom's death anniversary.

Also not too elated about Zoya's big day; her half-sister Julien (Jordan Alexander)! While Julien tries her best to embrace the 'real me' attitude, her posse - Luna (Zión Moreno) and Monet (Savannah Lee Smith) - are having none of it and scheme to break out an all-out Civil War between the siblings. On the other hand, Max (Thomas Doherty) has been MIA since divulging his stepdad Roy's (John Benjamin Hickey) philandering ways to his dad Gideon (Todd Almond) which has Rafa (Jason Gotay) worried. While equally concerned about Max's whereabouts, Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind) and Aki (Evan Mock) finally have a conversation about their complicated relationship. Plus a major nostalgic callback to the OG series left fans elated.

Here are five takeaways from Gossip Girl Ep 4:

Julien & Zoya's Civil War

While Julien tries to shed away her 'influencer' image, a distressed Luna and Monet sow seeds of World War Z between Julien and Zoya. It's also Zoya's 15th birthday and she's the least bit excited about it because her mom passed away giving birth to her (she was suffering from Lupus disease). After Zoya is tricked into believing that Julien was the anonymous tipster to the Housing Board about her and her dad Nick (Jonathan Fernandez) living in her grandmother's apartment without her presence, Gossip Girl's (this time Jordan [Adam Chanler-Berat] and Wendy [Megan Ferguson] take temporary reigns of handling GG's Instagram account from Kate [Tavi Gevinson], who is too obsessed with GG and needs a break to submit a written piece for The Paris Review.) warning of a war between the half-sisters convinces Julien to throw a party on the same day (with Princess Nokia as the guest performer!) as Zoya's birthday.

An equally vengeful Zoya decides to throw a birthday party of her own with a disgruntled Obie in tow. However, after Nick and Julien's dad Davis (Luke Kirby) find out about their daughters fighting, they play peacekeepers and combine both parties together. As you'd expect, it wasn't the wisest of ideas...

Zoya's mystery video is revealed to the world

While Zoya uses the 'cancel culture' technique by bringing up Julien's past body-shaming tweets as a 13-year-old, the latter bounces back hard by revealing to the world the mystery video which led to Zoya moving schools. The video starts off with Zoya and her former classmates spraypainting 'F**K SCHOOL' on the walls of their school corridor which was an attempt by her to fit in with the cool kids, including her best friend. However, Luna and Monet's 'Director's Cut', which was conveniently not shown to Julien, saw Zoya being locked in a lab room and being bullied leading to an instant panic attack and ringing the fire alarm.

Zoya is considerably traumatised as is Julien, who apologises and fesses up to being a bully herself. In a statement which she makes sure would instantly go viral by asking the guests to record her on video, Julien promises never to bully anyone, ever again. After a heartfelt conversation between the two half-sisters, Julien and Zoya bury the hatchet by sharing an emotional embrace, much to their dads' delight (who may be on the route of rekindling their long lost friends as well!). As for Obie, Julien assists in tiny as Zoya apologises for acting crazy when it came to plotting schemes against Julien which is very unlike her. Zoya opts out of Obie's birthday gift of having a hotel room all to herself and instead indulges in a sleepover with Julien, sharing delicious desserts in white robes. It's lights out on the war for the time being but, in GG's world, how long will it last!

Max finds solace in Rafa

After seeing his parents' relationship break apart, Max goes into hiding with Audrey and Aki being extremely worried about him. Equally worried is Rafa, who tries to get a hold of his student. Eventually, Max shows up but turns to drugs on a heavier capacity while Rafa tries to bring him to his senses. After being able to convince Max to confront his fathers, Rafa encounters a teary-eyed Max at his home telling him that he was being blamed for his parents' split. Rafa tries to pacify Max, who tries his luck once again with a literal advance. This time Rafa gives in to both their desires and kisses Max passionately.

Audrey confront Aki about his sexuality

Audrey and Aki dance around each other trying to not address the 'elephant' in the room although the former is excruciatingly curious to know if her boyfriend is gay while the latter wonders if his girlfriend has slept with anyone besides Max. While trying to get in contact with Max and Audrey's terrible attempt at making Aki jealous (her date turns out to be gay!), the couple finally talks it out as Aki confesses he might be bi. Nonetheless, Aki stresses that he is still very much attracted to Audrey. What was interesting in their conversation about navigating the waters in their complicated relationship, while Audrey apologises for sleeping with Max, Aki confesses he's not guilty about kissing Max.

Georgina Sparks' legacy lives on

Amid name-dropping Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, also Hailey Baldwin and did we forget to mention Jameela Jamil and a dig at Gal Gadot's infamous Imagine video; an exciting surprise was in store for OG Gossip Girl fans with a nostalgic callback. Remember baby Milo, who Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) convinces Dan (Penn Badgley) to be his son (turns out he wasn't!)? Milo Sparks, now 10, is already making his scheming mother proud by assisting Zoya in taking down Julien through a coup, terrifying Zoya (and fans of the show!) in the process with his manipulative ways at such an early age. Moreover, it was hilarious to see Georgina's celebrity photo frames; from Russian President Vladimir Putin and Elon Musk to Ed Sheeran and others with Blair Waldorf's photo dead in the center.

Gossip Girl continues to take bold, risqué steps in storytelling, thus satiating our 'guilty pleasure' hearts!

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