Gossip Girl Ep 5 Takeaways: A flamboyant Halloween party featuring an OG cameo, Easter eggs & an epic betrayal

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Gossip Girl Ep 5 dropped on August 5
In Gossip Girl Ep 5, Monet and a returning Nelly Yuki left tongues wagging at the "Hulaween" party.

*SPOILERS ALERT* Rise and shine, Pinkvilla peeps! We've got all the deets on what went down in this week's juicy episode of Gossip Girl. While the previous GG episode saw Julien (Jordan Alexander) raining on Zoya's (Whitney Peak) 15th birthday parade only for the half-sisters to finally bury the hatchet, Gossip Girl Ep 5 centred on a Halloween nay "Hulaween" bash and as expected, chaos ensued.

For OG Gossip Girl fans, it was time to rejoice as Nelly Yuki (Yin Chang) made a short yet memorable cameo, making her the first original cast member to appear in the reboot version. Moreover, there were several callbacks in the name of Easter eggs, which was basically the new batch of students dressing up in the OG GG squad's iconic attires. While Zoya and Obie's (Eli Brown) dwindling love story finds a second 'short-lived' lead in Simon (Mason Versaw), Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind) has to deal with her mom Kiki's (Laura Benanti) sudden demand to move from New York due to financial issues.

Let's not forget the resident bad boy Max (Thomas Doherty), who is blindsided by his affection for his teacher Rafa (Jason Gotay), who may be more conniving than his colleagues - Kate [Tavi Gevinson], Jordan [Adam Chanler-Berat] and Wendy [Megan Ferguson] - who are the masterminds behind Gossip Girl 2.0 while Aki (Evan Mock) tries to intervene before things get messy beyond belief for his friend. As for our favourite meddlers, Monet (Savannah Lee Smith) and Luna (Zión Moreno), the former has the last laugh, of sorts, at Julien and Zoya's expense before the sibling duo somehow make it work.

Here are five takeaways from Gossip Girl Ep 5:

OG Easter eggs

At the lavish "Hulaween" bash, with New York legends as its theme and which saw a surprising cameo by Billy Porter, Julien and Zoya decide to recreate sisters Beyonce and Solange's outfits from their infamous 'Elevator' incident. However, they're upstaged by the many reiterations of the famous siblings with Julien and Zoya's costume being leaked by a mysterious person on the know (More on that below!). Moreover, to make things worse, Julien's enemies Pippa (Ella Rubin) and Bianca (Katherine Reis) leave everyone stunned by recreating OG GG BFFs Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and Serena van der Woodsen's (Blake Lively) iconic Debutante Ball silver and golden gowns. However, showing off her quick wit, Julien borrows Obie and Aki's suits and the half-sisters rain on Pippa and Bianca's parade by dressing up as Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) and Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick, we particularly loved Whitney's ode to the iconic dialogue: "I'm Chuck Bass.") This is the Gossip Girl style to instil nostalgia without physical cameos!

Nelly Yuki is thriving

After teasing how an OG GG cast member was making a cameo appearance in Gossip Girl Ep 5 titled Hope Sinks, loyal fans of the series rejoiced as Nelly Yuki made her fabulous return, now a bigshot for a fashion magazine and besties with Eva Chen. Moreover, she played an integral part in the one-off love triangle brewing between Zoya, Obie and Simon. For some context, while Zoya is attracted towards Simon for their 'same' mindset, which is basically hating their rich classmates from different schools, Obie digs into his sources and finds out that Simon isn't actually a student but works for Nelly, who is his boss, and that the journalist was trying to crack a big story, by uncovering who the real Gossip Girl is, with Zoya being his primary suspect simply because she's similar to the OG GG, Dan Humphrey himself, in terms of being an outsider amid the elitist.

Not taking it too lightly over the fact that she was a pawn in Obie's big reveal to Zoya; who was equally agitated by her boyfriend's manipulative ways, and received an invite from him for the same, Nelly tactfully warns Obie, "This kind of drama is exactly what Gossip Girl wants. If you stoop to her level, Mr. Bergmann, you're not better than her." Still thriving like always, Ms. Yuki!

Monet betrays Julien

The mystery behind who leaked Julien and Zoya's Halloween costumes was revealed to be none other than Queen J's posse player Monet, who betrays her supposed best friend and switches sides with Pippa and Bianca instead. While Luna stays by Julien's side, Monet states how Julien's supposed "good girl" act is exhausting. It's interesting to note how Gossip Girl fans have been rooting for more story development when it comes to the Monet and Luna aka the "bad girls" and in spite of abandoning Julien, everyone is still rooting for Monet.

Rafa may be more villainous than the GG teachers

Turns out Rafa is in the running to be the most toxic Constance Billard teacher as he continues his rendezvous adventures with Max. Max, who is disastrously dealing with his parents Gideon (Todd Almond, who has a brief appearance with Aki revealing that Max has been away from home and can now return because his husband has left!) and Roy's (John Benjamin Hickey) separation, is blindsided by Rafa's affection towards him. Aki tries to intervene by first informing Max, to no fruition, and then blackmails Rafa to reveal his real truth. However, Rafa, who seems experienced in lusting after high school students threatens Max instead to keep his mouth sealed. While not believing Aki over his multiple interventions, Max is confronted by a friend named Victor, who was amongst Rafa's many senior boy toys. It's revealed that Rafa has a once a year recurring habit of scouting students like Victor and currently Max. Max then confronts Rafa, who tries to blame it on him that it was Max who initiated their relationship and after seeing his friends rush out to go to the hospital to be by Audrey's side (more on that below!), Max warningly calls it quits on their scandalous affair much to Rafa's chagrin. A heartwarming moment occurs as Audrey shares a hug with her friends with Max looking on before she calls for him to join the embrace.

Special Mention: While Kate wrestles with the idea of why she restarted Gossip Girl and further questions its existence after a student carries a gun to his school (not Constance Billard), she also finds herself spending more time with Nick (Jonathan Fernandez). Jordan and Wendy are Team GG and after posting on Instagram (about Zoya and Simon mingling at a party with a hilarious meme-worthy lonely boy snap of Obie watching on) even after Kate stated they should go on a break, the latter disables the account with students trying to decode the reason behind the impulsive decision by GG. After Jordan lets his feelings for Kate be known, she casually turns him down but is also inspired by him to get GG's IG account up and running. It's also important to note that The Paris Review rejected her story. But at least Nick was a fan! It will be interesting to see how Kate gets more intimate details for GG as Nick's potential love interest and Zoya's new tutor, on Nick's request.

Audrey's family drama brings the gang back together

Audrey's family life gets central focus this time around as her mother Kiki forces her to move out of New York due to her fashion line going bankrupt. On Zoya's advice, Audrey throws a tea party for Kiki and her estranged friends which only aggravates the latter because her failures in her personal and professional life become gossip fodder for her supposed friends. An explosive argument breaks out between the mother-daughter as Audrey wishes she could stay alone instead of with Kiki, even bringing up her dad into the fight which is a sore spot for Kiki, given his extramarital affair and all. We come to know just how messed up Audrey's family really is!

At the Halloween party, since everyone is consumed with their own problems, especially her boyfriend Aki, who seems more worried about Max than he is his own girlfriend while her best friend Julien is all tangled up in endorsing how she and Zoya are 'sister goals', Audrey realises how she's exactly like her mother. In return, Audrey gets drunk at the bash, similar to her mom in Gossip Girl Ep 3 (which Aki is quick to remind his GF!), and confides in Aki how just like her mom, she too is making a scene because she craves undivided attention from her loved ones which she's absolutely deprived of due to their errant ignorance. When she receives a call from her mom, Audrey tries to apologise, only to find out that Kiki is in the hospital. At the hospital, Audrey realises she's not alone as her best friends rush by her side, even the lone Wolfe himself, Max. In the process, the ending sequence is nothing short of squad goals as we're gifted a touching group hug and a closing shot of Audrey being backed up from both sides figuratively and literally by her friend. Speaking of Max...

Given that the squad is united, for now, we wonder how long this friendship is built to last!

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