Gossip Girl showrunner TEASES more callbacks to OG series characters in upcoming episodes of reboot

Updated on Jul 10, 2021 10:16 AM IST  |  152.1K
Gossip Girl reboot showrunner teases details of upcoming episode

*Spoiler Alert* Gossip Girl reboot officially kicked off with its pilot episode on HBO Max. Ever since the trailer of the film had released, fans of the original series which aired between 2007 to 2012 have been excited to see what's in store for its revised version. The original series' executive producer and showrunner of the reboot, Joshua Safran in a recent interview with Variety, discussed major details about the premiere episode and also dropped hints about what's to come. 

While the series is yet to release in India, it is available for streaming in other countries on HBO Max. Considering how social media has been buzzing with spoilers from the first episode, if there's one thing that netizens and fans of GG have been delighted about, it's the character references of Chuck and Blair and also Nate Archibald from the original series in the reboot. 

Discussing how he decided to go about making callbacks to the original series' characters on the show, Safran told Variety, "Because I was there for most of the original, it’s so inside my DNA that these references to the old show come out of me without me even knowing. It’s just I’m in that same world; I’m still there." 

Adding further that there's still more to come, the showrunner said, "As the series progresses, there’s a lot of mentions as well. And it’s just simply these characters all still exist for me, and I have very intimate knowledge of everything they ever did." 

Among the many subtle references, the reboot's pilot also features Tavi Gevinson's  Kate Miller making an entry that is similar to that of Blake Lively's Serena van der Woodsen including their outfits. 

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