Grant Gustin and wife LA Thoma welcome baby girl; Duo reveals her special name

Updated on Aug 19, 2021 06:59 PM IST  |  152.6K
LA Thoma spoke out about her "emotional" fertility experience, including dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum.

Grant Gustin, star of The CW's "The Flash," has just become a father. The actor's wife, physical therapist LA Thoma, revealed the joyful news on Instagram on Tuesday. “Juniper Grace Louise is here and mama and papa are absolutely obsessed," she captioned the picture she shared of the newborn’s tiny feet.

Check out her adorable post here:


She further penned, 'We will be very busy kissing and sniffing every inch of her until she is old enough to tell us it’s weird.' Gustin and Thoma revealed they were expecting their first child in February, and they were accompanied by their three dogs to show off an ultrasound photo of their baby girl. “Unbelievably excited. As LA noted, the dogs obviously are too,” Gustin quipped in the post.

Recently, Thoma, a physical therapist, also spoke out about her "emotional" fertility experience, including dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe type of morning sickness, in an Instagram video. "I got so incredibly sick," she said in the video of her pregnancy. "I started violently throwing up all day, every day" and wasn't able to eat or drink. She further said, "You think, 'How can I ever go through another pregnancy?' and then you feel so guilty because all you want, at least for us, is a few kids. And now we're at the point where it's like can I do this again? Do I want to put myself through this again?" Thoma also said she "could not have done it without" Gustin at her side during quarantine as she endured the hyperemesis gravidarum symptoms.

Meanwhile, the duo celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary in December: "I love you even more now than I did before. Truly. Every day, you motivate me to do better. Whether it's washing the dishes on time or just having greater confidence in myself," Gustin wrote on Instagram.

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