The Green Knight director David Lowery on having a 'miserable' shoot: I carried a lot of that baggage with me

Published on Aug 02, 2021 01:05 AM IST  |  100.9K
The Green Knight director David Lowery had to redevelop a lot of aspects of the movie amid the pandemic.

The Green Knight director David Lowery has opened up about being able to reshape his Arthurian epic and rethink some of the scenes amid the delay due to COVID-19 pandemic. During a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Lowery has revealed that despite having fun while the filming was on, there were times when the shoot was "miserable."


Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Lowery recalled "carrying a lot of baggage" for a long time. "Had the film come out last year, maybe you would've seen evidence of that baggage on screen in the way that I cut the movie. But because I had time to re-approach it and to redevelop some affection for it and to let that baggage fall away, the film doesn't bear much evidence of all of that pain now," he said, adding that his love for the movie came from a "certain passion" for Arthurian lore.


Based on the 14th-century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Lowery's version has focused on King Arthur's mighty nephew Sir Gawain, played by Dev Patel, and his journey to confront Ralph Ineson's Green Knight. Lowery also recalled having endured his own personal ailments while shooting for the movie in Ireland. However, he appreciated that the movie could not be premiered in 2020 due to the pandemic, which gave him some time to rework with a fresh perspective.


The filmmaker is also in the process of wrapping Peter Pan and Wendy's shoot for Disney. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lowery is eager to introduce children's favourite Peter Pan to kids of this generation.


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