The Guilty: Jake Gyllenhaal returns to Netflix in a danish thriller remake; Watch teaser

Updated on Aug 31, 2021 04:07 PM IST  |  184.6K
Teaser for Netflix’s upcoming action-thriller The Guilty is out
The Guilty will be available on streaming on October 1st on Netflix.

Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for The Guilty, which will be available on streaming on October 1st, one week after a limited theatrical release. Jake Gyllenhaal leads the ensemble cast, and he also produces after acquiring the rights to the 2018 Danish film by Gustav Möller of the same name. 

As per the Netflix synopsis, “The film takes place over the course of a single morning in a 911 dispatch call center. Call operator Joe Baylor (Gyllenhaal) tries to save a caller in grave danger — but he soon discovers that nothing is as it seems, and facing the truth is the only way out.”

Interestingly, Möller's film has been a favorite of Gyllenhaal's since it premiered at film festivals in 2018, and it went on to become Denmark's Oscar entry for Best International Feature. Gyllenhaal even acted as a moderator during Q&As during the original film's run, and his enthusiasm for the film eventually prompted him to acquire the remake rights. The combination of Gyllenhaal as well as a star-studded ensemble that includes Ethan Hawke, Riley Keough, Paul Dano, Peter Sarsgaard, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, and Bill Burr — “True Detective” writer Nic Pizzolatto, and “Training Day” director Antoine Fuqua, should make this a must-see for action enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, the teaser's graphics are mainly text on a screen. The teaser is narrated by Gyllenhaal and a lady (perhaps Keough) via voice-overs. The writing finally melds together to create Gyllenhaal's face. However, the original film became a global phenomenon. It also got very favorable reviews, earning a 97 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Check out the teaser here: 

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