Happy Birthday Chris Evans: 5 times the Captain America star showed us he's the best dog parent ever

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Chris Evans birthday: Actor's best moments with his dog

Chris Evans celebrates his birthday on June 13 and the actor is all set to turn 40 this year. The actor who is better known for his portrayal of Captain America in the Avengers films has one of the biggest fan base and netizens have been ringing his birthday by celebrating some of his most amazing traits including his adorably pet-friendly nature. The actor is known to be a dog parent to Dodger, who often makes appearances on his social media profiles. 

To celebrate Evans on his birthday, we take a look at how great a friend, parent and cuddlesome buddy he is to his dog Dodger. From sharing his quarantine escapades with Dodger to sharing a video of their first meet, Evans has shared with his fans some of his cutest moments with his dog. The Captain America star is also known to post a few selfies every now and then with his furry friend. 

Chris Evans' relationship with his dog is an inspiration for many dog parents. From celebrating all festivals together to lazying around on weekends, Dodger is undoubtedly Evans' best pal. Here's a look at the times that Chris gave everyone dog parenting goals. 

When he sewed up Dodger's favourite toy 



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After Evans' dog had undergone hip replacement surgery and was in recovery,  Evans sewed up his favourite toy, a lion. Sharing an update on it, the actor on his Instagram wrote, " I’ve never sewn anything before but I’m pretty proud of my hack job. They’re both happily recovering in each other’s company." 

When Evans gave Dodger a quarantine cut 



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With the pandemic bringing everything to a halt and everyone locked up at their homes last year, Chris shared a picture of the time he tried to give his dog a quarantine cut and how it didn't go well. Evans did try his best though and hilariously wrote, " I guess some things are better left to the professionals. (He hasn’t seen a mirror yet. I told him it looks great)." 

Chris shared the video of his first meet with Dodger 

It's important to remember the key moments in life and Evans had the cutest one as she shared the video of his first meet with Dodger and revealed the story of how he adopted his best pal. The actor shared this post on National Rescue Dog Day, thus encouraging all his fans to visit a shelter and rescue a dog. 

Chris and Dodger's first hang out at the shelter

Evans had also taken to social media to share an adorable video of his playtime with Dodger during the first time he hung out with him at the shelter. Evans also shared a sweet anecdote about Dodger's shelter name being Benny with the post. 

When Chris shared the cutest Valentine's Day post with Dodger

What better way to celebrate a day of love than spend it with your dog? Chris showed his fans exactly that as he posted a cute picture of his dog and wished everyone on Valentine's Day.

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