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Happy Birthday Dwayne Johnson: 5 epic WWE matches of The Rock that put him in the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE and his matches are proof of the same. On the occasion of his 48h birthday today, i.e. May 2, 2020, we look back at five iconic bouts which prove that The Rock should be in the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling.
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson celebrates his 48th birthday today, i.e. May 2, 2020.Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson celebrates his 48th birthday today, i.e. May 2, 2020.
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Even if you aren't the biggest WWE fan out there, you will definitely be aware of some universally known wrestlers that came out of the wrestling company. Whether it be Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker or even Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. The Rock, in particular, will forever be known as the People's Champion who was able to control millions and millions of his fans under the palm of his hand. From fiery promos to unforgettable matches, The Rock was an unstoppable force.

It was in 1996 when Rocky debuted in WWE as the first third-generation wrestler in WWE history and over time, fans could not get enough of The Great One! Eventually, after some iconic feuds with the likes of Stone Cold, Triple H and Chris Jericho, just to name a few, Dwayne started shifting away from wrestling and trying his luck in Hollywood. 2004 saw The Rock leave WWE but his heart always brought him back home, in spite of a flourishing Hollywood career. On a part-time basis, we've seen Johnson return for a few matches and appearances and every single time, the wrestler is welcomed with open arms!

On account of The Rock's 48th birthday today, i.e. May 2, 2020, we look back at the five iconic matches in the wrestler's career which prove he should be put in the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling:

The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Wrestlemania 15, 17 and 19)

One of the greatest rivalries in WWE history, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin spelled magic, whether it was against each other or sometimes, even together. But, nothing comes close to their three encounters at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania! While Wrestlemania 17 will always have a place in WWE Universe's hearts as one of the best matches of all time, even their other two encounters at Wrestlemania 15 and Wrestlemania 19 were nothing short of memorable! From stealing each other's signature moves to that shocker of an ending when Stone Cold aligned with the devil himself, Vince McMahon, The Rock's greatest opponent will always be Stone Cold Steve Austin. It works vice versa too!

The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan (Wrestlemania 18)

The reason why this match is extremely special is that it included two of the greatest wrestlers of their generation. The crowd present at Wrestlemania 18 was fiery hot as The Rock took on Hulk Hogan in a 'passing the torch' match! While Hulk was welcomed with open arms as the fans could not get enough of the iconic wrestler, the chemistry set between the duo was fire on ice. Moreover, The Rock ended up winning the match as well as the respect of Hogan and years later, we would see the same happen between Dwayne and John Cena at Wrestlemania 28 and Wrestlemania 29.

The Rock vs. Triple H (Judgment Day 2000)

Another opponent who had an interesting rivalry with The Rock was Triple H! In particular, it's their Iron Man Match for the WWF Championship at Judgment Day 2000 which is a favourite for many WWE fans. What made the match more dramatic was the inclusion of Hunter's best friend turned nemesis, Shawn Michaels. After an intense back and forth with five falls each wrestler, The Undertaker turned party pooper, in the last few seconds of the time limit, and attacked Triple H, thus disqualifying The Rock and giving his opponent a 6-5 win and the WWF Championship.

The Rock vs. Chris Jericho (No Mercy 2001)

While it's their promos that the WWE Universe will remember the most, The Rock and Chris Jericho's in-ring chemistry couldn't be denied and was always a sure-shot entertaining match. However, their explosive bout at No Mercy 2001 for the WCW Championship had the fans going batshit crazy. Both wrestlers gave it their all as the crowd ate it all up with Chris even stealing The Rock's signature moves.

The Rock vs. The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle (Vengeance 2002)

Three greats colliding smells box-office success in WWE and The Rock encountering both The Undertaker and Kurt Angle was as massive as it can get! The Rock truly showed his mettle as he switched his pace to match up with both the athleticism of Kurt and the power of Taker. After stealing moves and eventually going for their own, The Rock reigned supreme and took home the Undisputed Championship.

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Happy Birthday, The Rock.

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