Happy Birthday Jamie Dornan: When the Fifty Shades of Grey star volunteered to become a new member of BTS

On Jamie Dornan's 39th birthday, we go back to the Fifty Shades of Grey star's 2018 appearance on The Graham Norton Show where he pitched himself to BTS as a possible new member because Jimin was injured. Watch their fun interaction below.
Jamie Dornan celebrates his 39th birthday today, i.e. May 1 Jamie Dornan met BTS sans Jimin at The Graham Norton Show in 2018.
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It's hard to believe that Jamie Dornan is officially, just a year away from turning the big 4-0 because his evergreen looks contradict his actual age. Today, i.e. May 1, the Fifty Shades of Grey hottie celebrates his 39th birthday and to commemorate the occasion, we go back to 2018 when the talented actor appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Rosamund Pike, Harry Connick Jr. and the biggest boyband in the world, BTS.

After their spectacular performance on Idol, BTS joined the other guests on the red couch and had a candid chat with Graham Norton along with ARMY, who couldn't stop cheering for the Bangtan Boys. After introducing themselves, Graham enquired about Jimin, who was MIA. RM, the leader of BTS disclosed that ChimChim's muscle seized up during rehearsals because of which he, unfortunately, could not make it. Jamie, who looked on appreciatively at the BTS' enthusiasm when they were introducing themselves, couldn't help but ask, "Can I ask, does that mean you're looking for a new member?"

J-Hope had his sunshine smile beaming at Dornan as he vibed happily with the actor before Namjoon quipped, "Come on, Jimin. Sorry, we don't need you today." During the same conversation, Jungkook spoke about his broken foot, Joonie revealed what BTS stands for and how their UN speech of "loving yourself" mirrors the message the septet wants to send across, especially to the youth. Besides Graham parading BTS' achievements like their historic Time Magazine cover, a super impressed Whoopi unbuttoned her shirt, which she designed herself, and gave it as a gift to an overwhelmed BTS, which Jungkook even wore to the airport when BTS returned to South Korea.

"...And I'm giving you this to say thank you for all of the joy you're bringing. And so this is the shirt I designed. So this is my design. And if you look closely, it's all about movement and people, it's all for... it's for you. Thank you to you all," Goldberg earnestly shared with BTS before giving her shirt to them as a memento.

On Jamie Dornan's 36th birthday, let's take a look at when the handsome actor wanted to become a BTS member below:

Happy Birthday, Jamie Dornan! ARMY surely 'purples' you!

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