Happy Birthday Lita: When the WWE Hall of Famer and Trish Stratus REACTED to their iconic 2004 Raw main event

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Happy Birthday Lita: When the WWE Hall of Famer and Trish Stratus REACTED to their iconic 2004 Raw main event

To think there was a time in WWE where women wrestlers were either eye candies next to big, brawny men or were reduced to barely two-minute filler matches seems like ions ago if the A+ Wrestlemania 37 Day 1 main event between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair for the SmackDown Women's Championship was any indication. However, before the women's evolution went rampant, due credit needs to be given to two pioneers: Trish Stratus and Lita.

Both women were 'evolution' way before it became cool! While being involved in their fair share of love interest angles, the two became fan-favourites for their wrestling style, attitude and overall personality, both as irrevocably loved faces and fervently hated heels. Moreover, it was their extraordinary rivalry that had WWE fans satiated on a weekly basis. With many legendary matches between them, perhaps the most iconic one is their December 6, 2004 outing with their WWE Championship Match being advertised as Raw's main event. This was a definitive moment in women's wrestling which is spoken about almost two decades later.

What followed was a tremendous showing by two powerhouses who were engulfed within the powerful moment, backed by the fans' thunderous reaction; boos for Trish who was an ambitious, cheating heel at the time and cheers for Lita who was treated like a Goddess. Putting their bodies on the line, Trish and Lita created magic that night and their chemistry inside the squared circle was at its finest.

Back in 2018, Trish and Lita momentarily made their in-ring return against Mickie James and Alicia Fox (with Alexa Bliss) in WWE's first all-women only PPV Evolution. Before the tag team match, Trish and Lita sat down for an endearing reaction video, looking back at their iconic 2004 WWE Championship Match while highlighting their decades and decades worth of close 'besties' friendship through their witty banter.

There was pleasant bewilderment in both of their eyes along with goosebumps while drinking in the crowd's insane reaction to them back in 2004 and deservedly so. While making cute jabs at each other, specifically about Trish's nose shield and unique cheating tactics, the duo spoke passionately about their in-ring chemistry and how there's an unspoken language, dance between them which makes the other aware of their opponent's next move to counter with finesse. Lita also stated that in her heart, while it meant so much to be given that spot, she just knew that the two would deliver even with the pressure of two women main eventing Raw, which back then was a really big deal. Trish added that the duo had put in the work where they're recognised to carry the show on their own shoulders. *SPOILERS ALERT* Lita wins!

On the occasion of Lita's 46th birthday today, watch as she and her bestie Trish Stratus react to their historic, inimitable 2004 Raw main event below:

This is just one such match that further cements Lita and Trish Stratus' legacies as two of the greatest wrestlers, man or woman, period, to step foot inside the squared circle, worthy of being WWE Hall of Famers.

Happy Birthday, Lita!

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