Happy Birthday Peter Dinklage: From Tyrion's trial to slapping Joffrey; 5 iconic Game of Thrones sequences

Peter Dinklage, who turns 51 today, i.e. June 11, 2020, has become a household name thanks to his iconic act as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones. Check out Tyrion's five iconic sequences to celebrate the actor's special day.

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Peter Dinklage turns 51 today, i.e. June 11, 2020.
Peter Dinklage turns 51 today, i.e. June 11, 2020.
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Peter Dinklage is a name that has become synonymous with Game of Thrones and for a very valid reason. The supremely talented actor stamped his mark in television history when he starred as Tyrion Lannister in GoT, quickly becoming one of the greatest TV characters of not just the show but of all time. Moreover, it came to such a point that fans started rooting for him to actually win the Iron Throne and become the King of the North, over other favourites like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

Moreover, it was Peter's brilliant portrayal of the man, who drinks wine and knows things, that made Tyrion such an iconic character. However, towards the end of the last few seasons, we saw his character arc being diminished to nothing more than a coward, something we never associated with the youngest Lannister sibling. Disregarding the last season in totality, the first four seasons of Game of Thrones truly belonged to Tyrion and his path of making things right while never losing out on his wit. Specifically, it was his smart choices in terms of the politics and the scheming that was incredibly fun to watch. It's no wonder that Dinklage won as many Emmys as he did for playing Tyrion.

*SPOILERS ALERT* On the occasion of Peter Dinklage's 51st birthday today, i.e. June 11, 2020, here are five iconic sequences of Tyrion Lannister to celebrate the actor's special day:

Tyrion's trial

While we rejoiced over the deserved death of Joffrey Baratheon, viewers were majorly concerned for Tyrion as he was framed for the murder he did not commit. While initially calm as one can be when on a trial, his frustrations are let out for the public to be astonished by after the love of his life, Shae switches sides. Reeling in his anger at not just his family but the common folk of King's Landing, Tyrion blasted, "I wish I was the monster you think I am. I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you. I would gladly give my life to watch you all swallow it." It's truly one of the, if not the most, iconic Game of Thrones sequences of all time and made Tyrion a beloved, universal fan-favourite.

Tyrion kills his father, Tywin

Tywin was always ruthless in his mistreatment towards his youngest son, Tyrion, who was born a dwarf. After Jaime helped him escape his impending death, Tyrion not only killed Shae by strangling her to death but even sought vengeance from his father. As Tywin was sitting on a toilet pot, Tyrion shot a crossbow at his father's chest but not before stating, "I am your son. I have always been your son," when Tywin spewed, "You shot me... you are no son of mine." A truly befitting murder for The Hand, at the hands of his own imp of a son.

Tyrion slaps Joffrey

Joffrey managed to become one of the worst TV villains of all time, especially when he ordered the beheading of Ned. Hence, when Tyrion slapped his nephew silly, as the family was attacked by the public in a riot while Sansa was missing, it was truly a delight for the viewers to witness. "You are talking to a king," Joffrey screamed and tried to sound authoritative before getting a well-deserved slap from his uncle. "And now, I struck a king. Did my hand fall from my fist," Tyrion retorted. Early on, in the first season, Tyrion got a chance to leave his palm print on Joffrey's cheek when his nephew was acting pricey to offer Ned and Catelyn his condolences over Bran's deadly fall but it's the previously talked about slap which was the more impactful, legendary moment.

Tyrion saves Sansa from Joffrey's wrath

Tyrion's greatest moments tend to come at the expense of Joffrey; not that we're complaining in the slightest. As the Hand of the King, Tyrion tried his best to tame his nephew whose tyrannical immaturity angered even Tywin. When Joffrey starts to publicly shame and punish Sansa for Robb's actions, Tyrion comes to save the day by not only yelling at Joffrey while comparing him to the Mad King, who died at the hands of Jaime but also threatened to have Meryn Trant killed, sarcastically saying, "That was a threat. See the difference." What made the scene more poignant was when Tyrion helped Sansa stand up and apologised on behalf of his nephew's ruthless actions.

Tyrion takes over Joffrey's responsibility during the Battle of Blackwater

Joffrey's cowardice came screeching through during the Battle of Blackwater as he diminished his responsibilities and went into hiding. Tyrion, who was ridiculed his whole life, took the reigns and delivered a hard-hitting speech to rile the King's Landing army against Stannis and his crew. "They say I'm half a man. But what does that make the lot of you?," Tyrion quipped in the beginning of his speech.

Which is your favourite Tyrion Lannister sequence from Game of Thrones? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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Happy Birthday, Peter Dinklage!

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