Harry Styles Playlist: 6 songs that will make you say 'adore you' to the singer

Updated on Oct 12, 2021 02:13 AM IST  |  44.3K
A Harry Styles playlist perfect for all your moods
6 best songs of Harry Styles fit for every mood

Harry Styles is currently performing across US cities for his Love On Tour. While the lucky ones are out there witnessing his magic on stage, we thought it won't be a bad idea to bring you a Harry Styles concert at the comfort of your homes with an amazing playlist that will surely lift your spirits. The singer's amazing voice has the ability to turn your boring day into a magical one and that's what we hope to do by giving you a playlist that consists of his best songs. 

The best thing about Styles is that the singer has a song for every mood. If you want to wallow and are going through a rough patch, there's nothing better than listening to Falling on loop just to help you process your feelings. There's of course, Watermelon Sugar for those who're having a splendid day and possibly want to soak in the sun or enjoy a poolside session listening to this. Check out our picks for the ultimate Harry Styles playlist. 

Watermelon Sugar 

We bet ever since Harry confirmed the real meaning behind this song, you love it even more. The song has an amazing laidback vibe but at the same time it also has upbeat moments. This song just feels right to play on loop for a day full of chilling. 


If you're having one of those self-doubt days, put on your dancing shoes, glam up in your favourite look and dance to the amazing beats of Golden. This song works like an instant pick-me-up, even better than a coffee. 

Adore You 

There's nothing like a love confession that says, "I'd walk through fire for you
Just let me adore you" and if it's Harry Styles singing there couldn't be anything better. Blast this song on your speaker and pretend to be the adorable fish that Harry is dedicating this song to. 


It's natural for your musical choices to waver according to your mood and if you're looking for a somber song you wish to cry your eyes out to. Harry once said the song is about a feeling of "falling back" and about hitting a low point in your life. Let this song give you company amid your difficult time. 


For any karaoke fans out there, Styles' song Cherry is the perfect choice to go for. The slow beats are easy to sing to. Not to mention, it's a great breakup song. 

Sweet Creature 

This 2017 song has an adorable vibe and if you're a lover of acoustic tracks, this one should be your pick to listen to for a breezy listen. It's one of Harry's underrated tracks and deserves more love. 

Which is your favourite Harry Styles track to listen to? We would love to know your picks in the comments below. 

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