Have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle permanently quit social media? Here's what the Duke of Sussex has to say

In a recent interview, Prince Harry weighed in on how social media has changed, according to him, over the last few years and if he plans to make any changes with his approach towards it.
Have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle permanently quit social media? Here's what the Duke of Sussex has to say
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It was on March 30, 2020, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bid goodbye to their Sussex Royal Instagram account which boasted of 10 million followers. While rumours were rife that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had permanently quit social media, Harry is debunking said rumours in a recent candid interview with Fast Company where he also got candid about the pros and cons of social media.

Fast Company asked Harry how his views on social media have changed over the last few years, using it himself, especially with his concerns regarding "divisiveness, misinformation, and hate speech online" as well as how he approaches it now and if he plans to make any changes. On this candid question, the 36-year-old royal recalled how a few weeks ago, he heard that a Rupert Murdoch newspaper stated he and Markle were "evidently quitting social media" which was "news" to the royal couple. Harry reiterated how they have no social media to quit nor have they for the past 10 months.

For Harry, the truth is that inspite of its "well-documented ills," social media offers a means of "connecting and community," both of which are extremely vital to everyone as human beings. Harry reasoned that we need to hear each other's stories while also being able to share our own as that's part of the beauty of life. Harry further clarified that he's not suggesting that a digital space reform will create a world which is all rainbows and sunshine as that's not realistic and moreover, it isn't life.

While Harry believes there can be "disagreement, conversation, opposing points of view" in social media, as there should be, it must never be to the extent that "violence is created, truth is mystified, and lives are jeopardised."

"We will revisit social media when it feels right for us—perhaps when we see more meaningful commitments to change or reform—but right now we’ve thrown much of our energy into learning about this space and how we can help," Harry concluded to Fast Company.

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Anonymous 7 days ago

Who the h..l cares!!??

Anonymous 7 days ago

Who cares!?

Anonymous 1 week ago

Sick to death of Megan & Harry. She has her much wanted title so now go away please.

Anonymous 1 week ago

Just wish they would go away away & live their lives in Private. Extremely tired of hearing their uninvited opinions on everything. The world will survive without Megan’s opinions as we have done all this time. DAA