'He Had So Much Fun': Colman Domingo Reflects On Working With Chadwick Boseman On Latter's Final Movie

Boseman’s talent and obviously dedication towards his role is very evident in Levee Green, earning him belated recognition with a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination. 

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Chadwick Boseman, Kevin Costner in Yellowstone (PC: IMDb)

Actor Colman Domingo recalls some of his memories of working alongside the late Chadwick Boseman on the set of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, which is Boseman’s last movie before the latter's unfortunate demise.

Colman Domingo reflects on Chadwick Boseman’s impactful legacy  

Domingo, who is known for his roles in the series Euphoria and the upcoming Michael Jackson biopic, flamboyantly remembers his days while working with Boseman. Domingo on the show, Who's Talking to Chris Wallace? He described Boseman as a force of nature who brought unmatched energy and passion to his role as Levee Green, who was a confident trumpet player in a 1920s jazz band.

Colman Domingo pays tribute to Chadwick Boseman's enduring spirit

Domingo cherishes the time they spent working together on set and thinks people should remember Chadwick Boseman. Domingo said Boseman's enthusiasm and hard work inspired everyone. He thinks Boseman's influence will always be remembered. While Domingo wishes to work again with Chadwick Boseman, he honors Boseman's memory as a talented actor and caring person. Boseman's work and his spirit still touch the hearts of his friends and fans around the world.

Domingo also stated to CNN anchor Chris Wallace that whenever Chad came in for shooting, he was always filled with so much energy and passion. He worked like a tornado. Despite his illness, which was unsuspected by many at the time, Boseman was so dedicated to his role that he left a lasting impression on his fellow actors. Domingo remembers his companionship on set, revealing how Boseman approached him to rehearse and often made him engage in friendly competitions while they were learning musical instruments for the film. He added, "He had so much fun and so much passion for doing the work."Domingo was so enthusiastic about his work.

Domingo, reflecting on Boseman’s heterogeneous nature beyond acting, brought into notice Boseman’s spiritual side and his deep concern for humanity. Domingo also said that he always thought that he was much more than an actor just because of the way he talked. He believed that if Boseman had lived longer, he would have proceeded further into education and activism, using his platform to challenge societal norms and inspire positive change in society.

Domingo continued by stating that Boseman had so much to offer rather than his acting talents. He said Boseman would probably be producing more and tried to make sure that his work exists.Boseman’s talent and obvious dedication towards his role is very evident in Levee Green, earning him belated recognition with a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination. On Boseman’s behalf, his wife Simone Ledward accepted the Golden Globe Award, putting light on his ability to motivate others to pursue their dreams.

Looking forward, Colman Domingo continuously gets involved in various projects, which include the highly anticipated film Sing Singh and his highly praised play Wild With Happy Heart, which is now available on Audible as an audio adaptation. As his career continues to develop, he explores new roles and opportunities within the entertainment industry


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