Henry Cavill REVEALS what variation of Superman he wants in future DC movies: I want to still have an edge 

Amidst reports suggesting that DC and Warner Brothers Studio are in a conundrum on how to present Superman to the modern audience, Henry Cavill added in his two cents on what he envisions for Clark Kent's alter-ego. 
Henry Cavill wants Superman to get a bit of an edge with some warmth and some hope.Henry Cavill wants Superman to get a bit of an edge with some warmth and some hope.
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When it comes to superheroes, whether it be Marvel or DC, there are always different variations to the particular individual. When it comes to the iconic DC superhero, we got to see different shades of power and grey in Henry Cavill's portrayal. In the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) movies, it was not just the built that was worked upon but also the internal aspects of the character. Recently, it was reported that DC and Warner Brothers Studios are in a conundrum over how to present Clark Kent's alter-ego to the modern audience.

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Henry spoke candidly about his vision when it comes to presenting Superman in the future. Cavill suggested that he would like to delve more into the aspect that one traditionally knows of Superman, which should be coupled with where we left him with Man of Steel (2013). Furthermore, the 36-year-old actor explained that Superman is the hero who is trying to exist in a world where people don't necessarily look at him as relevant anymore. To the contrary, Superman is extraordinarily relevant and it's Clark coming to terms with the fact and becoming that relevance while showing people that hope exists. But, not in a "too chocolate box" way.



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"I wanted to still have an edge but to have some warmth to it and to have some hope to it," the Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) star added.

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Like to be honest for me dis DC movies are the best I have ever seen DC have done so i don't no why some of the DC fans are so unhappy with it because for me it's unbelievably amazing just all the work that they have done to great superman like this it like a comic book that came to life it's unbelievably great and i give that to all of the past DC movies this past years. Honestly don't want to see anyone else as superman and that go's for the other members of the DC heroes as well it will be heart broken to see replacing them it's already heart broken to see someone replacing Ben as the Bat

Hell Yes!!!!!!!!!! He is the best looking Superman.

Yeah I want to see him as Superman again he's the only Superman for me don't take that away from him

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