Henry Golding REVEALS being a hairdresser to Kate Middleton’s brother, talks James Bond rumours and MORE

Published on Jul 24, 2021 01:08 AM IST  |  202.8K
Henry Golding has an interesting connection with the royal family from his pre-celebrity days.
Henry Golding shared his experiences being a hairdresser in his pre-celebrity years.

Henry Golding has shared an interesting story about his connection with the British Royal family. The actor, 34, has recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen where he spoke about his days being a hairdresser. In the chat, he revealed seeing Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge at his workplace. "Kate Middleton used to come to the hairdressers that I used to work at way before," Golding said.

Although he didn’t dress Kate Middleton’s hair, Golding reveals to have tended to another member of the Middleton family, Kate’s brother James Middleton. "I cut her brother [James Middleton]'s hair a long time ago," he shared during Andy Cohen’s show. The actor also mentioned that the Middleton family has been very sweet whenever they would visit his workplace. "Really sweet family, very sweet family, so that's my brush with the royals,” shared the Crazy Rich Asians star.

Speaking of the rumours of being an apparent choice for playing the iconic James Bond after Daniel Craig’s retirement, Golding didn't raise fans’ expectations, rather he answered that he will go for it if given a chance, but so will every other actor. “I guess they're looking for another candidate, so of course, any right sort of man would want to put their hand up for it, so sure," Golding shared.

Host Cohen pointed out that every James Bond gets to have dinner at the palace with the Queen herself, to which Golding pointed out, “I guess that comes hand-in-hand.”

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